Hublot: Extraordinary Timepieces Through The Art of Fusion

Hublot: Extraordinary Timepieces Through The Art of Fusion

Hublot has made a big bang for its name because of its design and quality. It is a Swiss watch company launched in 1980 at Baselworld and is recognized for the art of fusion. The word “fusion” refers to the combination of Hublot’s materials such as fine ceramics, carbon fiber, and its waterproof rubber strap. They’ve been producing high-end watches since then, with extravagant details combining the classic and modern style. 

The materials used are exquisite to bring out significantly fabulous timepieces. Hublot’s craftsmen create intricate designs from thorough research to come up with beautifully styled ones. Its unique face is something you can recognize for its distinctive appeal - sporty yet elegant. It is very well known for its porthole (the meaning of the French word, Hublot) design and earned repute together with other luxury watches in the market. Keep reading to learn more about the fine details of Hublot.

A brief history about Hublot

The man behind this extravagant watch is Carlo Crocco, an Italian man who already has a good background in watchmaking. He worked first for his uncle, who had a watch company known for its famous brand, Binda. After some time, he started his watchmaking business and focused on launching innovative watches.  

He invested in searching for the proper strap for his watches and finally got what he wanted - the rubber strap. This watch strap does not crack and fade or even could be stained. Thus, it is a significant innovation during that time in the ’80s since rubber strap is new to the market. They put potent vanilla on the rubber to eliminate the odor that comes with it. 

Of course, any business doesn’t become successful overnight. Fortunately, this fascinating brand was recognized and patronized by the European royalties that made its way to success. Thus, it earned a high-end rank among other luxury watches. 

Moreover, its success skyrocketed when Crocco hired a new CEO, Jean-Claude Biver. His marketing skill is superb and highlighted Hublot’s feature - the art of fusion. Another achievement that helped in revealing this brand more was its cooperation with sports events and athletes. It became the official sports watch of today regarding events of various sports such as football and racing. 

Quality features 

Hublot is renowned as the most expensive watch in the world. This remarkable timepiece uses high-quality materials, thus marking its territory in the high-end watches of all time. Their manufacturing process includes the latest technology, which is carefully studied inside their own Metallurgy and Materials laboratory.

Scratch-free gold

It is revolutionary since it uses 18k gold alloy that is scratch-proof. It resists scratches even in the most extreme situations. The beauty and shine that the gold possesses remain the same and stay polished all the time.

High-tech ceramics

Hublot always takes into consideration the quality of materials that they are using. They see to it that the mechanism of the watches while inventing new designs complement each other. High-end ceramics used in bezels and cases are scratch-proof, too, with zirconium as its base that withstands high temperatures. 

Robust sapphire transparent case

One of the unique designs that Hublot has featured is the transparent case where you can see what’s inside of the watch. It is robust enough to handle and protect the watch mechanism. This innovation made by their engineers and chemists had produced this unique design of a luxury watch - the synthetic sapphire material. 

The emblematic rubber strap 

It was a remarkable year in 1980 when Hublot featured its watch with an 18k gold case and rubber strap, as it was still unfamiliar at that time. It has become the signature style of this elegant watch, expressing the Art of Fusion concept that they want to establish. The rubber strap has been a trademark of Hublot since then. 

Famous models

These Hublot watch models are primarily seen in the market and were highly patronized by watch enthusiasts and well-off people. 

Big Bang

It is the flagship model of Hublot and is highly acclaimed by watch enthusiasts all over the world. This robust yet elegant watch was released first in 2005. The ceramic bezel holds an ETA Caliber 4100 movement and legible carbon fiber dial. Big Bang’s iconic chronograph is extra large and is available in 44 mm case. 

It is the most adored model and has earned the outstanding success of Hublot in watchmaking. Hence, the name implies - Big Bang. Hublot was awarded as the Best Design at the Grand Prix d’Horologie de Geneve. Today, Big Bang has made variations but still emphasizes its tradition of fusion materials to produce extraordinary timepieces.

Classic Fusion

It was released in 2010 as the simplified version of the Big Bang watch. The Classic model has a less-crowded dial but has kept the iconic design of Hublot, which is the porthole case design. Its available sizes are 42 mm and 45 mm that come in either red, gold or steel. The bezels have matte dial options with steel or gold and the ceramic one for sporty carbon fiber dial.

The New Models

Hublot launched these three models in 2015 to commemorate its 10th anniversary:

  • Big Bang Tourbillon. It has featured a 5-day Power Reserve Indicator.
  • Big Bang Unico. It has the UNICO movement, which offers a 72-hour power reserve.
  • Big Bang in Full Magic Gold. It is the Big Bang rose gold.
  • Big Bang Haute Joaillerie. It is a collection of watches embedded with rubies, sapphires, and diamonds.

Hublot continues to create watches to reveal more stunning and functional timepieces such as the Big Bang King Power, Big Bang Sang Bleu, and others in the making.


Hublot has an impressive collection of innovative watches that combine traditional features with their unique art of fusion concept. It is a renowned brand of watch that exudes extravagance and elegance, yet a sporty look as well. A watch like Hublot is a must-have. Here at The Watch Company, we cater to all your desires for exceptional timepieces. Grab yourself one now!