7 Questions to Ask Before Buying That New Wristwatch

7 Questions to Ask Before Buying That New Wristwatch

There's this euphoria that comes with purchasing a new timepiece that sweeps you off your feet in ecstasy. This is especially so if it’s a watch you have had eyes for a certain time and finally able to get your hands on it.

There is more to buying a watch than just strolling into a watch shop or a jeweler’s store and picking anything that catches your fancy. It is not a good idea, especially if the watch happens to be of a luxurious brand. Ensure that you go the extra mile to ascertain that you are purchasing the perfect piece. 

One way to achieve this is by asking relevant questions. So, here are some questions you should consider when next you intend to take a watch off the jeweler’s shop.

1. What is the Brand?

Every watch manufactured and sold in the market is associated with a particular brand. Knowing this brand will guide your decision of ascertaining certain features like durability and reliability. A watch brand like Tudor for example is among the most renowned and celebrated watch brands in the industry.

This watch is a sister brand to Rolex, the famous watch brand famous for its sterling qualities and inventions. Tudor follows the same path as the Rolex brand, having manufactured a plethora of outstanding watch collections like the Tudor Black Bay line and Tudor heritage Collection.

Knowing what brand your watch belongs to should be the first thing that comes to mind before getting that timepiece. Having an idea of this particular detail no doubt reaffirms your confidence in the timepiece you wish to acquire for your use.

2. How Does the Watch Function?

While many watches on the market have specific duties like telling time and relating what date it is to the user, other advanced or mechanical watches have special features like chronographs and fitness trackers. Most often, these watches come with manuals that spell out in clear terms how to use these features.

Your duty as a watch lover is to draw the attention of the jeweler or watch retailer to these areas and be certain you get the correct rundown of how that timepiece works or is being operated. If possible, ensure you receive a copy of the manual so you can read up and know the best way to use the watch to avoid causing damage to its features.

3. What’s the Price Range for Service Repair?

Servicing is one of the paramount requrements for maintaining a timepiece to ensure it stands the test of time. It shouldn’t just end with getting a watch with a high price tag, it should also come to your mind that watches are machines that require maintenance occasionally to elongate their life span and enable it to run smoothly.

Know, or have a rough idea, of the cost of the maintenance to the watch to avoid instances where taking it for a maintenance check poses a problem later on. 

Also, ask the watch retailer how often you will need to carry out servicing and repairs on your watch. This is to aid you in getting a general idea beforehand and be able to prepare ahead.

4. When Did It Hit the Market?

Many watch brands produce new watch models at different times throughout the year. Looking at a watch on the surface level is not a guarantee that you will be able to ascertain the year of production. 

If you lean towards getting luxurious watches, this point should be one you pay attention to wholly. Having an idea of this information will guarantee that you are on the right path to getting just the best for your usage.

5. Is It a Good Investment?

Buying a watch in the market is not one decision to be taken in a rush. One thing you should seek to know is whether or not the timepiece is a good one to invest your money in.

Watches like Rolex and Tudor come in varying styles like vintage designer watches, which are greatly admired by watch lovers. Sometimes, these two watches are mistaken for each other because of their resemblance. This goes to show that people have developed a taste for the brands over time.

Before purchasing a timepiece, what should come to mind should be whether or not that timepiece has the necessary features to attract the interest of many people. Is it worth investing in? Go for the current trend – a type that has caused people to develop a strong taste. Invest in a watch that is not out of tune with market dynamics. 

6. Which Group of People Is It Made For?

While you must dress stylishly with the necessary accessories to complete your outfit, it is even more important that you know the category of people the watch is made for. Watches are ordinarily made for everyone, but then not all watches are made for everyone.

A watch like the Rolex Sea-Dweller, Tudor Black Bay line, and Submarine is meant for people who go dive and go underneath water. Imagine putting it on as a businessman to an official function. It gives off an awkward vibe. The same applies to sports watches and mechanical watches. The best thing to do is to find out from the vendor what watch fits you.

7. Is It Authentic?

With the rise in watch manufacturing and production, so is the upsurge in the production of fake watches. This poses a problem to anyone who wants to purchase a watch as you then have to determine if you're buying the real one or an imitation.

To avoid this, ensure you find out from the manufacturer if the engravings and the numbers on the watch are in tandem with what is provided in his record book. This will save you the trouble of spending a valuable amount on a watch only to discover it is not the real deal.


If you have read up till this point, great! Got that dream wristwatch you'd love to buy? Above are questions you need to consider and then you can be rest assured, you're making a smart choice. Also, be sure to visit TheWatchCompany.com now for discounted prices and worthy online purchases!