Best Buy: What’s Not to Like About These Soccer Watches?

Best Buy: What’s Not to Like About These Soccer Watches?

Sports Watches are not merely timepieces we use during physical activity, it’s important that they tick the criteria of functionality and durability. A sports watch should shock absorbent, readable, and to a good extent resistant to scratches and physical contact. They can help you lead a healthier life and stay in shape fashionably.

There are different sports watches depending on what purpose they should serve. But for this article, some of the greatest soccer watches would be discussed. 

It’s no news that soccer players don’t wear watches to play except the referees, so these timepieces are based on the choices of both players and fans, including brands whose owners are devoted to the beautiful game. 

1. Hublot 

The name only rings a bell when you think of fancy and luxury watches. Hardly is it noticed as a soccer watch. It was the first luxury watch brand to embrace soccer when it first sponsored the Swiss National Team in 2006. Since then, it has become the timekeeper for the Champions League, UEFA Europe, Europa League, FIFA confederations cup, and more. That was its entry into the world of soccer.

The brand introduced a flagship watch collection; one of the models was the Hublot Big Bang watch, which has received lots of commendations from watch lovers. It has been nicknamed Soccer Bang. Besides being scratch-resistant, Big Bang gives you a colorful and fashionable look and it’s also lightweight.

It has a modular movement that comprises the Unico automatic base movement and a chronograph module on the top. With a 42mm diameter and 13.45mm, the timepiece uses a transparent sapphire dial to display the chronograph works. It is powered by the Caliber HUB1260 that features a bi-retrograde display.

2. Parmigiani 

The Swiss brand announced its Pershing Chronograph 005 CBF at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) show in 2014. Its 45 mm diameter titanium case chronograph is designed with the color of the Brazilian national team. The color blue is utilized for the cote de Geneve finishing on the dial with the green color used to design the five stars that represent the Brazilian team’s five world cup championships. 

The Pershing timepiece is built with a blue Hermes alligator leather strap and a yellow rubber strap having an engraved logo of the Confederação Brasileira de Futebol. In other words, if you’re a fan of the CBF, this is a watch you want to have in your collection.

3. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

One watch that some of the world’s best players wear is the Rolex Cosmograph. Originally designed to meet the needs of racing drivers, it has evolved to be a watch that everyone wants a piece of. Stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, and Alexis Sanchez among others have been spotted rocking this luxury timepiece.

The watch has various dial variants from the popular Paul Newman Dial to the Standard Dial, Musketeer Dial, Sigma, and Floating Dial; it remains in its own class among the sports watches of all time. 

There are several models to choose from for different occasions. Selection is based on the occasion. Die-hard lovers of the game might just want to go for one being worn by their favorite player. 

4. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Leo Messi

To celebrate his first La Liga title, Messi’s then-manager presented him with an Audemars Royal Oak; that was his matriculation into an unending love affair with the brand. He became a collector of all-watch Audemars and was made an ambassador in 2010. Two years later, the brand announced a timepiece dedicated to the Argentine/Barcelona player.

The Royal Oak is a 41 mm chronograph with just 1,000 pieces available (500 in steel, 400 in red gold, and 100 in platinum). With a battery standby time of about 40 hours, the timepiece has a frequency of 3 Hz and a self-winding mechanical caliber that indicates the time down to the second and date. 

The different versions of the watch come with an anthracite dial and a blue dial. This includes an alligator strap and a sporty rubber strap. 

A Leo’s fan, what are you waiting for? 

5. Tissot Quickster Football

The name gave it away as a watch for lovers of the soccer game already. The Tissot brand has got a history of over 30 years with the sport when it produced the Tissot Football Chronograph. It was a watch specially made for officials of the game (referees) having an eye-catching dial that specified halftime. 

The Quickster Football is the contemporary version of that watch. The timepiece possesses not only a timekeeping function but is also driven by the famous Swiss quartz chronograph movement. It comes with an aluminum bezel that’s available in different colors, which are based on what jersey the teams are on. 

Other features of the watch include its 36 to 42.9mm diameter, 10.72mm thickness, and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

Football lovers can also time the entire match instead of waiting for the one displayed on the billboard.

6. Jean Richard Aeroscope Arsenal FC Limited Edition

We finally come to a piece which English Premier League fans would love. After entering into a partnership with Arsenal FC in 2014, Jeanrichard designed a limited edition of the Aeroscope Chronograph to support the English club.

The limited-edition watch comes with a 44mm diameter case of micro-beaded sandblasted titanium bezel and red dial. It is powered by the brand’s JR66 movement. 

Seems Arsenal fans reading this just took off.


If you’re a lover of the game and watches, you’ve been graced with some of the best soccer watches out there. Your favorite players wear a few of them while others were designed to support clubs and National teams. 

Wondering which piece you should own? Our recommendation is the Big Bang. Not because the name sounds catchy, but it’s been named the one-time Best Sport-Professional Watch, Best Design of the Year, and Sport’s Watch of the Year among other things. 

In other words, whether you’re going for a sporting event or just a casual occasion, it’s a piece that fits your style.