Why You Should Start Using Proxies Now

Why You Should Start Using Proxies Now

For any online business to succeed search engine optimization (SEO) and SEO proxies are a must. But what is SEO? At a very basic level, SEO and SEO research tries to optimize your page so that it comes up on the first page of a Google search.

Let us say you manufacture special widgets. It would be great to have your website pop up on the first page of a Google search for special widgets.

For that to happen, your site would have to be optimized for SEO. This would require a lot of research. This is where SEO proxies can help you. You would have to check what keywords people are searching for and then you would have to optimize your website to have the relevant keywords.

What is a proxy?

To do the research required, you would need to scrape the web for relevant information. You may even need to scrape the website of your competitors to get information from them as well. But, many websites do not look favorably on web scrapers. That is why you would need to use proxy servers.

A proxy server is like a go-between that stands between your computer and the rest of the internet. Proxy servers have many options like hiding your IP address from websites you visit or rotating IP addresses when visiting the same site.

The purpose of providing such options is to allow you to access the public information on websites without them knowing exactly who is accessing the information. For example, you would need to mask or hide your actual IP address and use a proxy to access geo-restricted content. Or you may use a proxy with the option of rotating IP addresses when you keep visiting a website to scrape information. If a website receives repeated requests from an IP address, it raises suspicions, and the website may ban or block such an IP address. A rotating IP address makes it seem like the requests are coming from different IP addresses.

Why modern businesses need to use proxies

Unlimited promotions

A business thrives on advertising. To get information about your business to your potential clients you need to send bulk advertisements. Without a proxy, this could lead to your IP address being banned for spamming.

However, using a SOCKS5 proxy, you can send out unlimited advertisements and promotions with no fear of being banned.

Managing your social media

Like advertising, you need to have a strong online presence. This requires your business to send out social media posts in bulk. Without a proxy, this could amount to spamming and your IP address being banned as a spammer.

But SEO proxies can help you overcome this by providing different IP addresses. This helps in maintaining your online presence.

Gathering Information on Competitors

To get information on your competitors, you would need to scrape their website for information regularly. Without a proxy, you would probably be banned from their website. But if you use a proxy with a rotating IP address, you would be able to scour websites of your competitors without them realizing that the requests were coming from the same entity.

Higher Ranking

Search engines rank your website higher if your pages load faster. Without a proxy server, fast loading may not be possible. But with a proxy server, once your page is loaded the proxy server keeps it in the cache. Any subsequent request for the page loads the cached version which loads faster. So a proxy server can help your online presence get a higher ranking.

SEO proxies can also be used to scrape search engines and get the required data to improve SEO strategies. For example, scraping meta titles, descriptions, rich snippets, SERP rankings can give insights on how the whole system works and what needs to be improved to be ranked as high as possible. Studies show that the number 1 organic result is 10x more likely to receive a click than a page in the number 10 spot.

Learn more about SEO proxies and web scraping for SEO monitoring on the Oxylabs website.

Tracking Traffic

SEO proxies are very useful for tracking information on your website and those of your competitors. SEO proxies can keep track of the traffic, rankings, and clicks on your website to tell you how your business is performing. Based on the results you can tweak your SEO strategies.

These are just some of the ways that SEO proxies can benefit your online business. To succeed online, you need SEO and SEO proxies.


Online businesses are a reality. Consequently, SEO is a reality because we all want to be ranked high in online searches. It follows that everyone wants to scrape as much information as possible from the internet.

Since most websites do not like web scrapers, using SEO proxies to help in web scraping is becoming commonplace. SEO proxies are invaluable for businesses wanting to scrape the web for information. So if you have not used SEO proxies as yet, it is time you started!