How to Hide Your IP Address (3 Easy & Free Methods)

How to Hide Your IP Address (3 Easy & Free Methods)

Hiding from the internet is becoming a crucial step following a rapid increase in analytical software and integrations. It is becoming more vulnerable to use the internet without a secure internet connection as most internet service providers can also share your data with the authorities and even the advertising companies. Even worse, you could end up giving your data into the hands of a hacker who can steal your personal information that is stored somewhere on the website servers you recently or frequently visit. To cope with these and relative other issues, we can hide our IP address from the websites we visit so nobody can understand the individual relevance even if our data is stored and being shared.

This is something unique and could do wonders for freelancers, streamers, tech savvies, people who have to interact with their international teams for their personal projects but don't want their ISP to know their exact location. So, here are the top 5 methods on how to hide your Internet Protocol Address "IP Address" from websites, apps, and services you use:

#1 Use a VPN Service to Hide Your IP Address

The best and the easiest (also free) method of hiding yourself from the internet by hiding your IP address is using a VPN service. As most of the recommended and great VPN apps and websites are providing paid versions only, some of them are brave enough to provide you with a free trial or a freemium version of their VPN. That's huge favor of such services bringing you a new IP address that redirects your online browsing history from their unique or shared IP address to help you hide yours easily and automatically.

Almost every free VPN provider is providing you with their free VPN app, free VPN Chrome Extension, and free VPN software for Windows, Mac, and other Operating Systems. So, you can use the below listed VPNs on your Laptop (PC), Smartphone and tablet too. Just check and pick a free VPN service that works best for your needs:

  • ProtonVPN Free
  • Hotspot Shield Free VPN
  • Windscribe free
  • Zenmate free VPN

The best way to get a completely free VPN service on your internet browser is by installing Google Chrome and searching for a free VPN chrome extension. There you will see hundreds of options with new ones added frequently so you will never run out of the free VPN access that enables you to hide your IP address by replacing it with another IP address from another server in a unique country.

#2 Use a TOR Browser to Hide Your IP Address

If you wanna bring onions for getting tears in the eyes who are looking at your location or online data, you can do it by using a TOR internet browser that reacts as the best alternative to VPN apps and enables you to automatically enjoy IP address changes without enabling and disabling a VPN app. You can simply go to Google and type TOR browser free download, it will show you a number of options, download the one you think is best for you.

People are using such internet browsers that helps them to browse the internet without sending personal data and IP address to third-parties. There's an official website for Tor Browser, here you can download it for free and enjoy thousands of proxy servers that are available for free to you. This is the number one choice for people who don't want to mess with any third-party app or service and want a fully enjoyable experience.

However, you should use Tor Browser with caution as hackers and online data stealing experts use it to browse darknet (dark web) and illegal websites. Make sure you are not performing and such tasks.

#3 Use an Online Proxy Website to Hide Your IP Address

Most of the time we need to visit a website or an online service over a new IP address just for testing purposes and we become enough lazy to download a VPN app, extension, or a Tor browser for that 5 seconds task.

This is when online proxy websites come in handy, and helps to change and even hide your IP address easily and for free without installing anything.

Here's a list of the best free proxy websites:


And you can find many other free web proxy websites by searching on Google. There will be new and fast websites too.

So, what do you think?

Which method from these top 3 easy and free methods of hiding your IP address is suitable for you?