Best Time Management Apps for Students

Best Time Management Apps for Students

Are you looking for mobile apps to help you juggle academic responsibilities? College life can be stressful if you don’t know how to manage your time. As a student, you want to make sure that you submit all the assignments before the deadline and create time to study all the subjects.

Have you heard students say, “I buy assignments at” Well, you too can take advantage of online writing assistants to complete complex papers on time. This together with the right set of time management applications ensures you never miss a deadline.

Even if you participate in a handful of extra-curricular activities, there is a way to make schoolwork easy. Time management software or applications keep you on your toes throughout the day, ensuring you check all your boxes.

Imagine working with a collection of applications that ensure you’re taking part in the right activity at the right time. All it takes is a buzz from your mobile phone to get notified about what needs your attention. Here are some of the best time management apps for students.

1. Trello

At the top of our list is a time management application that’s popular among students across the globe. Trello allows you to boost your productivity throughout the week. This application comes with features to help you organize your ongoing projects for easier and faster execution.

Trello helps you break complex projects into bite-size chunks so you don’t feel overwhelmed by them. You get to use boards to pin all the projects that need your attention so you avoid the last-minute rush.

The best part is, it is a suitable application for solo and group projects. You and your teammates can ensure you share the responsibilities for the project equally. For your solo projects, you can customize the board however you want so you can easily track your progress.

Trello is like a life hack every student should know about. You get a to-do list that helps you remember every task you’re yet to complete. This is an exceptional project management application that allows you to stay paced for your solo and collaborative projects.

2. Evernote

Next up is Evernote which is equally popular among students. It allows you to organize your thoughts and keep track of your assignments. As a student, there is always a lot going through your mind. With Evernote, you can note down the important ones so you don’t forget them.

Case in point, if you’re working on a project and an amazing idea pops up in your head during lunch break, Evernote allows you to record it so you can use it in the project.

You can also synchronize your checklists and notes across all your devices. If you recorded something on the mobile app, you can access it on your tablet or laptop. This is the perfect application for students who forget to carry their mobile phones to class. You can still use your study notes to take part in the class discussion because they’ll be available on your laptop.

Switching between devices without losing anything ensures you can always complete and submit your assignments on time. The best part about this note-taking app is that you can record your thoughts in text, audio and image form. If you don’t feel like typing, you could always voice your thoughts or take a picture of the image that inspired your idea.

3. is a unique application designed to help students find a community of goal-oriented individuals. If you are looking for a community to help you manage your time better, can help you find one.

Even though each one of you will be working towards individual goals, sharing your experiences ensures you get the motivation and support you need to keep your eyes on the price. Being part of a goal-oriented community helps you cultivate productive habits that will keep you on toes throughout college.

When fellow students validate your hard work and recognize your progress, you feel pumped to achieve even more. connects like-minded students from different parts of the world. This makes it the perfect application to make lifelong friends and connections that will remain useful even after college.

4. Quizlet

Are you looking for a way to study extensively for an exam that’s around the corner? It’s quite normal to feel pressured when time to study for a paper seems to be running out. When you use Quizlet to study, you won’t ever have to feel this kind of pressure.

This application allows you to create flashcards as you study. This way, you have a way to go through your notes quickly before sitting for an exam. Rather than reading your notes all over again, your customized flashcards helps you remember what you’ve been studying.


Time management is a struggle for many students in college. Juggling multiple assignments throughout the week and tracking the progress of major projects can be quite overwhelming.

These mobile applications help you manage your time and track your progress on projects and assignments.