Can an Escape Room Help You Get Rid of Your Stress?

It is a well known fact that you can greatly spend your unproductive time in escape rooms. You can easily shun away your boredom every day by escaping from a prison, capturing a lot jewel or rescuing a princess in a quest game. You may not know that you can not only get rid of your stress in an escape room but also improve your skills to work as a team.

Escape Hour

All the private escape rooms in Calgary and Edmonton introduce you to quest games and provide briefing after playing the game. They provide you some of the most basic characters to help you in solving puzzles during the play session in an Escape Hour. During a bank robbery you may be trying to robbery into a safe or playing on the trial of Professor Moriarty as Sherlock Homes. Your brain will work according to the type of locker room you are playing with. To keep you safe and to get things like resources and food your brain is designed to work in team and solve puzzles. When you replicate these activities then you have to use a lot of your brain to solve these puzzles.

In a part of your brain known as the orbitofrontal cortex, a reaction is experienced when you solve a puzzle successfully. You will get a dose of dopamine, a natural happiness chemical, as reward when you unlock a safe or break out the quest room successfully. You also get an additional dose of dopamine after every success whether it is related to winning a race, doing exercise, getting an A grade in the exam or eating a chocolate. Your stress is relieved, the mood is improved and you feel closer to your loved ones when your brain gets more dopamine.

Escape Room

It is not only a pleasurable moment but something excellent for you when you get a boost of dopamine while playing a quest game. Moreover it will keep you closer to your colleagues, family and friends when you get the dose of dopamine in their presence. So you should start playing at an escape room as it can enable you to perform better in the future. It is a low risk activity when you are working in an escape room as the fear of failure is negligible but it can frequently help you in becoming successful in your life.

In this way, escape rooms and quest games are the best solution for relieving stressful life in modern times. When you work all the time instead of playing for some time then you may not be able to achieve your personal goals or complete your work projects in real life at the right time. but your position is quite opposite in escape rooms as they provide you fun and rewards in every hour you spend there.

So, to open the reward mechanism of your brain you must take a step to book an escape room in Calgary or Edmonton. will be the best decision made by you for you, your team and your family in this season.