Looking to Recover Deleted Photos on Your Mac: Here Is How You Can

Mac has plenty to offer. However, the key highlight of the MacBook is that it offers a data recovery facility. Being a professional photographer myself, I understand how valuable the data recovery feature of the MacBook is.

In fact, if you are using a MacBook for personal use and store some valuable documents, videos, photos, and PDFs, data recovery can certainly add an extra layer of protection to them.

This article will talk about the common reason for the data losses and the methods that you can use to recover lost data.

Looking to Recover Deleted Photos on Your Mac: Here Is How You Can

Common Reasons for Data Losses

No matter how careful you are, data loss remains a constant addition to our stress. Here are a few common reasons.

  • Accidental Deletion: Perhaps the most data loss event happens due to accidental deletion. This usually happens when you are organizing your photos and deleting the redundant photos.
  • Physical Damage: Yes, MacBook does have the premium build quality and is very hard to damage. But, MacBook has many sensitive parts that can be damaged easily.
  • Malware Infection: For a long time, MacBook users were convinced that malware injection is the least bit of worry in their worry list. However, the events of ransomware infections have certainly proved them wrong.

5 Ways to Recover Deleted Photos

Data losses can be heart-breaking and stressful, especially the data losses, including some of the most sensitive data. The following method might help you recover the lost photos and data.

Method 1: Photos App

When it comes down to organizing photos on the Mac, the first choice that comes to our mind is the Photos App. While using this application, if you delete any photos from the system, it goes to the deleted folder of the Photos app. All the deleted photos are stored there for 30 days.

During these 30 days, you are free to recover any photos you have deleted.

  • Open the Photos App on your Mac.
  • Click Recently Deleted in sidebar.
  • Select the items you want to restore and click Recover.

Method 2: Trash

Trash accumulates all the deleted files before permanently deleting them. You can use the trash on your Mac to recover deleted photos. The process is simple:

  • Just go to trash.
  • Right-click the deleted photos.
  • Choose Put Back

After the recovery process from re trash, the deleted photos are recovered to their original location. However, if you want to recover them in different locations, you simply drag them to the desired locations.

Method 3: iCloud

Whenever you own a Mac, it asks you to sign in to iCloud. All the data in your system is backed up in your iCloud. When you delete anything from your system, a copy of the original document is left behind in the iCloud. You can use this feature to restore deleted photos.

Method 4: Time Machine

MacBooks come with an excellent local backup system called Time Machine. Time machine is one of the default applications in the background. So, even if you don’t remember initializing the time machine, it is always a good option to see whether there are any local backups.

  • Click on the Time machine from the menu bar.
  • Use the arrow from the right section and go back in time when you haven't deleted your photos.
  • Click Restore to get them back.

Method 5: Data Recovery Software

The final method to recover lost photos is data recovery software. Several data recovery software offers their services for the macOS. One such software is iBoysoft Data Recovery. No matter what the reasons were, you can effectively recover lost photos.

Take Away

With these methods, you can easily restore and recover your deleted photos on Mac. However, most of the methods are only workable if they are done within a certain time frame. Hence, acting almost instantly after a data loss will ensure that you recover 100% of your lost photos and other data.