LG to Close Its Smartphone Business

LG to Close Its Smartphone Business

LG if you know was a famous smartphone brand with some unique and elegant designs, then Google came up with Android, and Samsung with many other international brands did their best to mold down the smartphone industry to new trends. LG has been struggling to be in the market since then and now the company is looking forward to closing the smartphone business.

Despite LG's efforts to bring new changes to smartphones such as new designs, adopting rollable smartphone tech, new smart features with its Explorer Project, they ended up changing and delaying their flagship launch dates as new models never made it to the mass market with sales that can be counted as a success. On 5 April 2021 LG made official news, saying that the exiting mobile phone business will allow LG to concentrate its efforts in other areas:

"Electric vehicle components, connected devices, smart homes, robotics, artificial intelligence and business-to-business solutions, as well as platforms and services."

If you are surprised about this decision, you might not know how hard LG faced it and how the smartphone market has changed over the past decade giving more business to brands using Android as Operating System with the iOS-powered iPhone from Apple being the #1 choice for every smartphone user, LG couldn't make its mark like once the King "Nokia" did. However, LG is just giving up while Nokia is still there to be the #1 again.

Without leaving a space, LG has been launching new models with new designs, new technologies, and various changes but still failed to impress the current smartphone users as they were adapting the changes that (maybe) the current smartphone users don't like.

With that being said, LG is about to close its smartphone business leaving the current customers at their will with a mear chance of sending software updates.

However, we have seen some news sources about LG smartphone fate not yet decided and then we are here with the official news about LG's fate for smartphone business is here. Let's see what's next.