Clubhouse App Payment System to Be Rolled Out in Waves

Clubhouse App Payment System to Be Rolled Out in Waves

While others are fighting over the privacy issues and announcing to release of a payment system, Clubhouse by Alpha Exploration Co. is going to launch the first direct payments system that is the first of its kind for a social networking app.

Clubhouse is a social audio app for iOS and Android that is enabling users to interact with audio as a main conversational approach rather than text in almost every other social media app. Starting next Monday, Clubhouse is looking forward to enabling its userbase to directly pay its favorite creators on the app.

The company said that with this payment system, they are not looking to charge users over the transactions thus, it will help the creators to get a full payment without any cut. However, the feature is still in beta mode and will be rolled out to all Clubhouse users in waves with small tests using a group of users. Here, we will show you how this new payment system will work in Clubhouse app:

How to pay a creator on Clubhouse?

  1. Go to the Clubhouse app, find your favorite creator
  2. Tap on the profile > tap on the Send Money button
  3. Choose your amount > add a credit or debit card
  4. Pay the amount with a small fee

That's it, the creator will receive the full amount and the fee for that transaction will be deducted from your account. As Clubhouse is using Stripe as its payments partner, so it will charge a small fee. For example, if you send a creator $10, he will receive $10 and you will pay a small fee to Stripe for making that transaction over Clubhouse.

Just like a new idea of social audio platform, Clubhouse announced this feature to cope with the social media giants that are copying their idea and looking forward to ripping it off. Clubhouse is going far by allowing creators to receive payments in full without any cut that goes to Clubhouse making the users to stick with Clubhouse as other social media giants are already cutting a big sum of creator's earnings.

As most of the social media apps such as Twitter, Facebook, and even Discord, Telegram, and LinkedIn working and releasing similar features, Clubhouse announced the new direct payments system that enables its creators to stay around and use the app more frequently.

So, now a listener on Clubhouse app can send a tip to his/her favorite creator that is how Clubhouse is making it possible for its influencers to make money using Clubhouse app.