Princess Bride Merch You Didn't Know You Needed

Princess Bride Merch You Didn't Know You Needed

If you’re a big fan of The Princess Bride and let’s face it—who isn’t? You probably need all of the merch on this entire list. Trust us, you really do. If you’re looking to rep your favorite movie and book, look no further and get your wallets ready. 

Iconic T-Shirts and Sweatshirts

The best way to rep your favorite fandom is to add a graphic tee shirt into your collection or some custom sweatshirts. There are so many good Princess Bride options, but our favorite is this Iocane Powder shirt that states: “Westley’s Iocane Powder. No Odor. No Taste. Dissolve Instantly.” Any hardcore fan needs this hilariously branded shirt in their collection. 

Other awesome branded shirts include:

  • A shirt with multiple “Hello my name is…” nametags on it that read “Inigo Montoya, you killed my father. Prepare to die.” 
  • The infamous “as you wish” shirt. 
  • A shirt that reads, “You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.” 
  • What about one that reads, “Good night. Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.” 

Action Figures

Funko Pop has tons of Pop Vinyls from The Princess Bride that will leave a smile on your face whenever you see them in your apartment, including: 

  • Princess Buttercup 
  • Westley
  • Westley Masked Chase Variant
  • Inigo Montoya 
  • Fezzik (6”)

Funko Pop is always coming out with more and more figures, so we’re certain your collection could grow even larger at some point. Just be on the lookout for special editions, variants, and other fun action figures from the brand. 

Cute Mugs and Glasses

If you want to add a little Princess Bridge spirit into your collection, look no further. You can find a variety of different mugs and glasses with your favorite catchphrases on them. If you’re looking for a couples gift, you could even get a Buttercup and Westly matching mug set to share with your partner. 

Board Games

There are so many different board games themed to match The Princess Bride that you really can’t miss out on, including: 

  • A Battle of Wits: in a Battle of Wits you can play with between 2 and 10 players. You’ll line up goblets to match the number of people playing the game. You take turns adding cards to the top of the goblets (either adding wine or poison) and adding cards to the bottom of the goblets, to bid on drinking them. Whoever ends up un-poisoned wins the game! 
  • Princess Bride: Miracle Pill: in this card game you’ll create the perfect mix of ingredients by choosing cards from your hand to create groups of different types of cards. You must follow instructions as the game goes on while trying to follow a recipe at the same time. 
  • Princess Bride: I Hate to Kill You: in this game, you’ll use cards and dice to recreate sword duels from the movie. The first player to score five hits wins the duel and the game! 

Coloring Books, Signed Scripts, and More Unique Gifts

If none of those sparked your interest, don’t worry, there are still so many more options out there for you, including coloring books, signed movie scripts, and collectibles. Your collection will be robust in no time. 

If you have a fan of Dungeons and Dragons or other roleplaying games in your life, The Princess Bride Roleplaying game might be the perfect gift for them. 

You could also purchase a sound box that reads passages of the book to you. What about a Princess Bride scented candle that smells like buttercups and wildflowers? 

Collect Princess Bride merchandise for yourself or gift it to the movie lover in your life with all of these amazing options.