Top 10 Typography Design Trends to Look Out for in 2023

Top 10 Typography Design Trends to Look Out for in 2023

Typography design plays a crucial role in creating a unique personality for the brand. It describes a particular method that builds an identity for the brand. Typography designs are recently inclined towards social trends that focus not only on the brand's standards but also on customers' taste. Many website designers in Adelaide provide services for typography designs and can help you in choosing the right design for your website.

Top 10 Typography Designs Trends You Need To Consider In 2023

  1. Outline fonts remain strong this year, after 2020. They are generally in all caps, paired with filled-in, bold fonts. The placement, colour, and contrast of this typography take more attention due to the visibility of the background. Also, use this to create an emphasis, so do not overuse it.
  2. Evolved brutalism, unlike the past, has made its comeback in a much modernized and softer tone. Still maintaining its eye-catching and disruptive vibe, this typography is used to create a new viewer's new perception.
  3. Text layering with other design elements or text-image blending has been inspired from a fundamental Photoshop trick. In this typography, the background image is overlapped with the text in such a way that it creates an attractive three-dimensional look.
  4. Customized typography, as its name says, is custom made by a graphic designer. It comes out to be the most unique of all other typographies. This does not necessarily need a completely new idea but can be made with minor, personalized adjustments with any other typographies.
  5. Handwritten typography is another option where the viewer gets a carefree and welcoming vibe. There are enough handwritten typographies to choose from. It is preferred not to use this typography as the body as it becomes difficult to read.
  6. Glitchy typography is another excellent option. Though it is challenging to use, it can add a lot of energy and an edgy element. This typography has readability issues, so used as an art element. It is trendy and modern.
  7. Low flat font typography comes as a saviour when there is not enough text compared to the writing space. Here, the X height is smaller than the width of the text. They are not suggested for long text due to readability issues but work best with short quotes.
  8. Minimalistic font typography, like its name, has a clean, minimalist, and classy look to it and is an excellent option for users with sober taste.
  9. Animated typography is an excellent trend recently. It has a dynamic effect that ensures better engagement. Moving letters, fading text, and actions on hovering are some famous examples. This is more difficult to make. In case the animation does not work, provisions need to be kept for the user to have a worthwhile experience.
  10. Serif and sans serif font typography with some modifications have made a significant impact in 2021. Some of them are Retro serifs, Svelte serifs, Bold modern sans serifs, and Rounded sans serifs.


Nowadays, typography has become a staple for every brand. A new typography design that has both out-of-the-box design and no readability issues paves its path to become the next trend.