SYPWAI platform of the future: what are they saying?

SYPWAI platform of the future: what are they saying?

The SYPWAI platform aims to develop the world and benefit the people of the world. The company's testimonials reflect its focus.

What is SYPWAI

It is a startup that won a $90 million grant from the Foundation for the Promotion of Innovation in 2018. In its finished form, with great functionality, it appeared in October 2020. Everyone has an opportunity to participate in the research and development of the world of artificial intelligence. Not everyone can be interested in such lofty goals, so the company is paying money so that even more users can participate in its development.

An SYPWAI employee: "It's very unusual to be involved in learning about innovative science. Mankind has reached a high level of technological development. I didn't expect it to be so interesting."

The main feature of this project is that people can earn by doing relatively simple tasks. There are also tasks for specialists in certain fields.

Why people's participation is so important

SYPWAI had grandiose ideas and global plans, which could not be implemented relying only on officially involved specialists. It was then decided to involve ordinary users in the work of the platform. This helps to achieve goals faster and frees up developers' time for other tasks.

Representatives of the company say: "People help us develop and bring a lot of value. Some probably have no idea how important a part of progress they are."

So far, millions of people from all over the world have been involved. To access SYPWAI tasks all that is needed is a gadget with internet access and a special device bought to work with the platform. The user can choose where to work: at home, on the street, in a café with a cup of coffee or in the office during a lunch break.

The time devoted to work can also be chosen at any rhythm of life. Some people see these tasks as a hobby, while others see them as their main livelihood. The pay is quite good. In a month, the income for the work done can be 600 euros.

Some feedback from users

"To anyone in doubt, I can tell you from my experience that SYPWAI is one of the most promising and ambitious companies in the development of artificial intelligence. Sometimes it doesn't occur to you that you're lying on the beach, say, placing data and training a neural network. And it's happening! Thanks to SYPWAI, everyone has the opportunity to participate in world progress and earn money.

"Everyone in our family is an SYPWAI user. It is a very interesting and fun thing to do. It develops us and encourages us to make an effort. It pays well. We love it!"

"I am a student and am happy to improve my financial situation with limited time to work. Working on a project has suited me perfectly. I do tasks for a short time every day and an impressive amount of money is accumulated in a month."

"Thanks to SYPWAI I have the opportunity to spend more time with my family and less time working".

This is a small part of the feedback from people who have enjoyed working on the platform. It is growing fast and is helped by people who are shaping the future. The important goals of this project are to introduce new technologies and push boundaries. The people involved in achieving these goals are the pride of SYPWAI.

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