How Long Does It Take to Get a Blackbelt?

How Long Does It Take to Get a Blackbelt?

In the last one and a half years, the closest many people would have got to attain a black belt would have been playing streetfighter on their Xbox or PlayStation...but with the world opening up, people are getting up off the couch and returning to more athletic pursuits. After a work pause and stay-at-home rules, with life having been on hold, many are setting concrete goals like "Right then, I'm going to get a black belt".  OK, sounds like a plan, but what does that really involve, especially for someone with little or no martial arts experience?

Ever wondered how long it would take to get a black belt?

Well.. it depends on various factors

  • What martial arts discipline?
  • How old are you?
  • What kind of shape are you in?
  • How dedicated are you?

The calculator on the above-mentioned link takes into consideration all these factors and provides the answer! All you have to do is just put some inputs like how many times you can train and which form of martial arts is your favorite, it will show you the best time you can become a blackbelt.

Let us answer your most common questions too so you can understand everything about getting a blackbelt.

How Fast Can You Become a Black Belt?

As testing for a black belt is common in most martial arts schools, the fastest one can become a black belt is about getting trained for about three years (at least) when you are frequently taking classes for your Tae Kwon Do or Karate training.

However, some styles and arts centers also give you a black belt rank even in less than three years while others will require you to train yourself for about 5 to 10 years with a complete course to be a black belt for real. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is also another combat sport that has taken rise with the popularity of the UFC. The best way to know how fast can you become a black belt is to use a tool and the best one is already recommended at the start of this article.

Which Martial Arts Takes the Shortest Time to Get a Blackbelt?

The fastest and easiest way to earn a black belt is to train with Tae Kwon Do (a form of martial arts) as it is considered as the faster training for earning a black belt even faster than Karate. Then comes Judo that will take you about 3 to 6 years and then Aikido will burn your 4 to 5 years in training to be a black belt holder.

The hottest and trendy black belt training is Karate that requires about 5 years of training to earn a black belt and it also depends on the martial arts school and the commitment of the student. While the best training is the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that is extremely thorough and careful training and requires about 10 years to be a black belt.

What Comes After a Black Belt?

When it comes to becoming a black belt everything comes before the black belt not after it, you have to go through the lower ranks, and here's a list of 10 levels/ranks you have to achieve before getting a black belt:

  • Dan Belts: With KYU levels, train and get white, orange, red, yellow, and green belts
  • After the first five levels, you will train for Rokudan, Nanadan, Hachidan, and Kyuudan levels
  • Now comes the 10th level in which you will be rewarded with the black belt and it depends on your interest and commitment

There could be differences in your local martial arts school. Go ask them and you will understand the way of getting a black belt.

I'm 40 - Is It Too Late to Earn a Blackbelt?

Sure, why not? the short answer is: Yes, you can earn a Black Belt even after starting your training after your 40s. While you are smiling at this, smile because you can join the martial arts students even when you are in your 50s and also from your 60s, as there's no age limit and you should start the training whenever you think you have some time for any of your favorite martial arts form.

It will help you to live a healthy and active lifestyle. However, it will not be as easy as possible in your 20s, or 30s, you will still be able to make it possible and go for it without seeing any other option.


What is your why? when are you going to supercharge your blackbelt training?