WhatsApp Introduces End-To-End Encrypted Backups

WhatsApp Introduces End-To-End Encrypted Backups

With a lot of ups and downs, Facebook-owned WhatsApp (a famous instant messaging app) seeing more and more new features with a focus on user's privacy and data protection. Despite the news about users are marching to other apps, WhatsApp still stands as the #1 instant messaging app and now introducing the latest feature in its beta mode for Android users.

The latest feature will help WhatsApp users to make end-to-end encrypted backups. This feature is for people who want to backup their chats and don't let WhatsApp or Google (as WhatsApp uses Google Drive as backup storage) share their data with third parties.

According to WABetainfo:

“End-To-End Encrypted Backups will make your backups very safe when hosted on Google Drive. When you restore WhatsApp, you need to type the passcode to decrypt it, and nobody else can see its content because the end-to-end encryption protects it from unauthorised access.”

They further added:

“The password is private and it won’t be shared with WhatsApp or their parent company, Facebook.”

So, now WhatsApp users can easily make safe backups and restore without the fear of getting their data leaked from Google drive.

However, this is still in the beta version of WhatsApp and will be rolled out to the rest of the users when the feature is ready for all the users.

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