How to Be an Effective Surgery Center Administrator: Top Tips

How to Be an Effective Surgery Center Administrator: Top Tips
Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

If you’ve just started working as a surgery center administrator, you’re no doubt prepared to get to work. Your new job might entail you picking up new skills and working in a very patient-oriented environment.

But how can you make sure you are an effective surgery center administrator? Read on for some tops tips:

Continually Work on Your Scheduling

Working quickly is one of the best things that you can do in your new job. Part of your job will involve ensuring you get as many patients through the center’s doors as you can. However, this in itself can often involve a lot of scheduling while minimizing downtime and optimizing resources.

Use the power of technology to help you make almost every process as smooth as possible. Work on your customized reporting, block scheduling, and scheduler communication. Continually work on anything that can be improved as it will affect every aspect of the surgery center’s operations.

While continually working on your scheduling might seem like a bit of a task, it’s something you’ll be used to doing.

Learn About Accreditation

When you have accreditation, you will find that is the best way to negotiate payer contracts. This goes for out of network billing and other payment procedures and options. In addition to accreditation working helping you to negotiate contracts, it can even help your center to stand apart from other surgery centers.

Keep an Eye on Your Supply Chain

It costs approximately $1.5 million a year to run a surgery center. Approximately $465,000 is spent on medical supplies and drugs. It is, therefore, vital that you keep an eye on your supply chain.

Try to be as vigilant with your supply chain as you are with your scheduling. Try to use every single tool that you have to make sure that your expenses are kept in check. If you can, use some inventory management software that tracks everything in real-time. This will help you to stay on top of your supplies while also understanding the analytics behind your inventory.

Keep Learning

You will no doubt learn a lot when you’re new to the job. However, you should make sure that you always keep learning. Work out what you do know and what you need to learn. You won’t know everything to begin with, which is why you should consider delegating a few tasks for now. Be sure to set aside some time to learn more about those tasks you delegated to others. This will help you to keep up to date with everything while ensuring that you’re always learning.

Please don’t make the mistake of assuming you know every aspect of the job, there is always much to learn.

Being an effective surgery center administrator can make a huge difference to the center as a whole. Not only will patients keep coming through the doors, but payments can be easier to negotiate. Use the above tips to help you work effectively in your new job.