How to Get Your New Jersey Garden Ready for the Summer

How to Get Your New Jersey Garden Ready for the Summer
Photo by Caio from Pexels

If you have been busy most of the spring trying to get every corner of your garden ready for the summer months, you’ll know that summer is almost here. Plants and flowers are beginning to bloom, and the weather has started to get even better.

So how can you get your New Jersey ready for the summer? Read on for some helpful tips:

Be Ready to Control the Weeds

Weeds seem to love the summer months. They try to grow as much as they can while taking the water and nutrients out of the soil. This is now a good time to control the weeds by using mulch. Ideally, you should have between 2 and 4 inches of mulch in the garden. If you add more, you will help to reduce weeds while also saving water.

Remove Any Old Foliage

You no doubt planted some flowers during the spring. However, they might now be starting to die. When the leaves begin to turn yellow, it’s time to start removing the old foliage. This is because there’s always a risk that the whole plant will become infected.

Once you’ve removed the old foliage, you could consider planting vegetables. Zucchini, celery, corn, beans, and peppers can all thrive in the soil. You can pick up seeds and plants at your local garden center, just make sure you follow the planting guidelines. If you do, the plants are much more likely to thrive.

Water Your Plants

This might seem like a rather obvious thing to suggest, but you need to water your plants. Not sure if your plants are thirsty? Simply stick a finger into the soil. Put it in until half of your finger is covered. Now remove your finger. If the soil is wet or damp, it does not need watering. If the soil is dry, you should start watering right away.

Don’t forget that during the summer months all of your plants will need extra water. Some, such as zucchinis might need watering every day. Be sure to soak the soil when you water as your plants will get the moisture they need. If you only water the top of the soil and the leaves/flowers, your plants won’t have enough to drink. A good watering where the soil is visibly wet is the best way to water thirsty plans.

Welcome Some Bugs into your Garden

Some bugs can be very beneficial to your garden. However, there are those that aren’t so make sure you welcome bees, praying mantises, and spiders into your garden. They can remove nasty bugs and keep your plants pollinated. You might also want to make sure that you attract butterflies into your garden. However, if you’re growing vegetables, be sure to cover them properly so they don’t get eaten by butterflies.

Use the above tips to help you get your New Jersey garden ready for the summer. Take care of your garden so that it looks good during the long, hot summer.