7 Best Zebra Pens for the Office

7 Best Zebra Pens for the Office

No matter the workplace or your job role, pens are an essential tool that’s crucial for getting tasks done—but they don’t have to be ordinary or boring. The right tool can help you achieve your goals and even act as a professional accessory to your everyday style. Regardless of your profession, personal style, or preferences Zebra Pen has a pen that is perfect, just for you.

1. For Those Who Like Simplicity

For those who prefer a simple pen that still stands out and provides an unmatched writing experience, the STEEL F-301 Ballpoint Retractable Pen or STEEL G-301 Gel Retractable Pen is the pen you’ve been searching for. These retractable pens are made with a stainless steel barrel and feature a fashionable but secure metal clip to keep your pen close. Everything about this pen says strength and style without sacrificing your budget. It is available in both ballpoint and gel ink in blue or black. The STEEL 3-Series can be refilled so you never have to get rid of your favorite pen.

2. For Those Who Like the Classics

The classics are called classics for a reason—because they never go out of style. The STEEL F-402 Ballpoint Retractable Pen and STEEL G-402 Gel Retractable Pen featured an upgraded sleek and classic stainless steel barrel that gives you a weighted and comfortable writing experience. Both are also equipped with a rubberized grip and easy glide ink. Whether you prefer ballpoint or gel, the STEEL 4-Series is the best choice for those who prefer the classics. Both pens are refillable.

3. For the Serious Communicator

Whether you’re in a management position or working your way up the ladder, a serious communicator needs a pen that is just as serious. The STEEL F-701 ALL METAL Ballpoint Retractable Pen is stainless steel from clip to tip, making it durable and completely metal detectable—even when disassembled. This metal detectability makes it the perfect pen for food manufacturing professionals who are committed to safety and quality standards. The knurled metal grip gives it a rugged, but still elegant, style. When this pen runs out of ink, make sure to refill it with the All-Metal F-Refill.

4. For the Adventurer

We all know someone who is always up for an adventure—and this pen was made for them. The STEEL X-701 Ballpoint Retractable Pen is made with a durable but lightweight, black, stainless steel barrel. It has the ability to write in harsh weather conditions and at extreme angles and is 5x more durable than plastic pens. It is also equipped with a lanyard loop, so your pen is always close by. Even if the office isn’t that extreme, this pen will show off your personal style and love for adventure.

5. For Those Who Like to Stand Out

Want to stand out in a crowd? The G-350 Retractable Gel Pen is the perfect pen to make all eyes fall on you without sacrificing a quality writing experience. The G-350 provides smooth, skip-free lines and features rapid dry gel ink technology which allows the ink to dry in less than a second. The premium metal barrel is available in 3 colors: Space Black, Cobalt Blue, and Crimson Red with matching ink refills, which means that you can change your pen to match your personal style every day.

6. For the Fashionista

Who says a pen can’t be the perfect accessory to your office outfit? The Sarasa Grand Retractable Gel Pen delivers on performance and style. Its sleek and sophisticated brass barrel comes in 6 different colors including Black, White, Navy, Teal, Gold, and Rose Gold, allowing you to switch up your look daily. Equipped with rapid dry gel ink, you’ll never have to worry about smears or smudges—even for lefties. Refills are available so your stylish pen will never run out of ink.

7. For the Bold

For those looking to make a permanent mark, there’s no better tool than the STEEL PM-701 Permanent Marker. It features a stainless steel barrel that’s both durable and fashionable, so you don’t need to choose between the two. It’s also refillable and has a cap-off time of 5 days so you won’t need to worry about drying out or running out when you have important projects on the line.

Everyone’s style is different, but luckily Zebra Pen’s full range of metal retractable pens can help you define your own personal look and feel. Regardless of your preferences, there is a pen that will help you show it off to the world (or at least your coworkers).