Amazing Wall Galleries That Add a Unique Charm to the Interior

Wall prints are one of the most beautiful and elegant interior decorations. They take up little space, so they are perfect for any interior, regardless of the size. Depending on the material from which the wall prints are made, they are light and ergonomic or heavier, but add depth to the interior. Get inspired and choose the perfect theme for you!

Amazing Wall Galleries That Add a Unique Charm to the Interior

What kind of prints to choose for the living room?

Glass prints - made of tempered glass with a thickness of approx. 6 mm, are the most resistant to mechanical damage, high temperature and moisture of all types of prints on the wall currently available on the market. This makes them a popular decoration for demanding rooms, such as a kitchen or bathroom, despite their weight.

Acrylic prints are also popular, but they are much less resistant to scratches and harmful conditions such as moisture or high temperatures. This means that we hang them more often in the living room than in the kitchen. In both cases, the images will add depth to the interior, which can be useful for creating optical magnification in a small space.

What image will do the job in a child's room?

A glass or acrylic prints will certainly not work in a child's room. They are quite heavy, so they require the help of a second person during assembly, and in addition, although they are resistant to mechanical damage, you can see every fingerprint on them due to the smooth surface. Children, as you know, like to check everything with their hands, so printss that easily get fingerprints are not a good solution for decorating a wall in their room. What instead? Canvas prints! They are light, ergonomic and easy to install. Thanks to the rough and matte texture, you will not see fingerprints on them, especially if they have a colorful print on them.

What motifs to choose for each interior?

Modern wall prints are characterized by the fact that they can be combined into triptychs and larger parts. This means that for an optimal price, we receive a product that will be a unique wall decoration. What themes are the most popular in multi-part printss? The ones that you eagerly choose to decorate your kitchen are triptychs with the motif of Indian and Far Eastern spices. Nothing adds flavor to your food like a dash of curry, cinnamon or sweet paprika. Thanks to the latest technological solutions, you can combine the print in several parts into one whole. An abstract prints are a great idea for decorating a living room, especially if the print is in contrasting colors, e.g. it combines deep gray and a warm, honey shade of yellow. Abstract motifs are an artist's paradise! Due to the fact that they are open to any interpretation, they will bring a unique atmosphere to the interior. Abstract is also an original decoration in a child's room, which can easily fit into the whole arrangement. Remember that when choosing a prints, it is good to feel that this is the one perfect prints that will serve you for a long time.