Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Compensation Claims

Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Compensation Claims
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Although cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures are sometimes related to health problems, they are mostly about making a body part that the patient does not like about himself/herself. The plastic surgery industry is a growing industry from year to year. The number of transactions increasing every year brings with it the wrong transactions.

It is a very stressful situation when the result of the procedure is unexpected or causes a health problem. In case of such a bad experience, if negligence is suspected; This situation may be subject to compensation.

What are the most common cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures?

According to some specialized medical clinics, the following procedures are among the most frequently performed these surgery procedures:

  • nose re-shaping
  • liposuction
  • facelift
  • eyelid surgery
  • breast enlargement
  • breast uplift
  • breast reduction
  • brow-lift
  • chin/cheek reshaping
  • lip implants
  • ear correction
  • silicone implants (breast, cheek, buttock, chin, etc.),
  • weight-related surgery

Medical negligence in plastic and cosmetic surgery processes

A good plastic surgeon should be completely honest about the possible results, but the person who will perform the procedure should not expect the result to be exactly the same. Because after the procedures performed by qualified surgeons, if the patient is not satisfied with the result, clinical negligence cannot be mentioned. The conclusion to be drawn here is as follows: Not every unexpected and bad result is subject to compensation. In order for the poor result to be subject to compensation, the medical doctor must not show the necessary care. A situation resulting from negligence will be accepted by the court.

If it is thought that there is negligence about this process, which may vary according to situations and conditions, it is necessary to consult with an expert lawyer. Because whether special requests are medical negligence or not can only be evaluated by experts in the field.

The most common cosmetic and plastic surgery claim

The following are examples of this:

  • A rhinoplasty that does not meet expectations or is unpleasant to the eye,
  • unexpected scar,
  • unsatisfactory and unpleasant results, especially after applications to the face,
  • Unexpected damage after liposuction, one of the most common procedures,
  • Breast lift operation that results in an unsymmetrical appearance or undesirable
  • unexpected, uncomfortable scars after negligent procedures,
  • Undesirable consequences resulting from the physician's failure to fully explain the potential risks
  • facelift resulting in partial paralysis or loss of function

Making a compensation claim

The damage done by the condition is different for everyone. Therefore, each case should be evaluated on its own terms. It is something that can be done in consultation with a qualified lawyer, such as those at GadsbyWick, to find out what will compensate for the damage caused.

If you think there has been any grievance or you have confirmed the existence of negligence, you should initiate legal action as soon as possible. Because in this and similar situations, time is very valuable.

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