How to Blur Background in Microsoft Teams

Following the success of Zoom, many companies stepped in to introduce their own solutions and make them free for small businesses. Just like Google Meet, and other free options, Microsoft Teams is a free product that you can use to make group video calls, hold virtual conferences and meet your work teams online. There's also a paid version for big companies and businesses with extra features and possibilities. However, the free one will be enough for you to get started, and here we are going to show you how you can blur the background on Microsoft Teams.

How to Blur Background in Microsoft Teams
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Yes, blurring background during a video call with your employees, clients or partners will make you look professional and serious in your business. Blur background can help you avoid showing your messy room and take your privacy back as you can hide all the stuff behind yourself. There are simply 2 ways to blur background in Microsoft Teams, one during the call and one before creating a Microsoft teams meeting. So, here's how you can blur background in Microsoft Teams:

How to Blur Background in Microsoft Teams Before Call

The best way to make your MS Teams video calls more professional is setup blur background before starting the call. Here's how to blur background in Microsoft Teams before starting a video call:

  1. Go and open Microsoft Teams app.
  2. Go to Background Filters (see below the video image).
  3. Now from the right side select Blur and you will see a blurred background.

That's how easily you can blur background in Microsoft Teams before the call and make your video call look decent.

On the other hand, you can also turn off this feature by clicking on the stop icon from Blur options, and alternatively, you can add a blurred image as your background to make your background look blurred and more professional.

How to Blur Background in Microsoft Teams During Call

Enabling background blur option during a video call was not that easier and we used to install wallpapers on your walls for this or hang a bedsheet behind our chairs. Yes, we have been doing this before these virtual meeting services introduced a background blur option that we can enable even during the call, and here's how to do it using Microsoft Teams:

  1. When in an online meeting, click on the three-dot icon.
  2. Click on Show Background Effects.
  3. From the options at the left sidebar, click on Choose a background.
  4. Now select Blur Your Background option.

That's it, you will see a blurred background live during your video call on Microsoft Teams. That's a beautiful way to blur your background even when you are already attending a call.

This feature for background blur in Microsoft Teams is available on all the devices you may use such as a smartphone (android or ios mobiles), laptop or any windows powered PC, Chromebook, and even on mac. You can use this feature for free.

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