How to get internet service when you're on the road

How to get internet service when you're on the road
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Whether you travel right up the road to run errands or you travel several hours from home for a vacation, you might need to have access to the internet at some point. Quality internet service while you're on the road can allow for access to maps that you might need as well as a way to send messages if you need assistance. Options for internet service on the road include a wireless connection and a public Wi-Fi connection if you're close to a source. If you are interested in buying a caravan this summer, Caravan Loans Finance has caravan loans to help you out.


If you're looking for the fastest connection, then you want to go with wireless. Your mobile device likely already has an internet connection, but you need to make sure your monthly bill is current so that you can access this service when it's needed. A public connection is another option to consider if you need to stop somewhere. Many retail stores and restaurants offer a free connection as well as public libraries. A satellite internet connection is one that you likely won't find when you're on the road unless you have a broadband connection. This option is usually a bit more expensive than the other two that are available however, as we will explain later, there are instances where having internet from one of the best satellite internet providers out there will be the best solution to get online. 

Reasons for Mobile Internet

During the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, many people found themselves working from home. They also needed a way for children to be able to complete school assignments at home if they weren't in school. Even with businesses and schools opening as the pandemic gets under control, some people have chosen to stay at home. This means that they need more internet options while they're on the road if they do need to do something for work or if they don't have the proper internet connection in their home. 


A downfall of some wireless internet connections that are beneficial for being on the road is that there are data caps. If you go over a certain amount of data used in a month, then you'll usually find that your speed is lowered until the following month when the data renews. Most wireless services offer about 72 Mbps for the download speed, which is sufficient for most of the activities that you would need to do on the road. Keep in mind that your location can impact the speed of your internet service as mountain ranges can slow your connection as well as open areas where there are no cell towers nearby. 

Public Options

Although you might see slower speeds with a public internet connection when you're on the road, it's better than a satellite. This is an option to consider if you need to make a stop in order to send a message or check information on your phone for a short time. Most public connections are around 5 Mbps, which is much slower than a wireless connection but is fast enough for you to perform basic tasks. With over 400 million Wi-Fi locations across the country, you can usually find a connection close to where you're traveling. 


Most connections with satellite internet are fixed, which means that you're likely going to be limited as to where you can connect to the internet. If you have an RV or a similar vehicle and plan to frequently travel, then you might want to consider getting a small satellite dish to put on top of the vehicle when you're parked for the best connection.