How to Market Your Interior Design Business

How to Market Your Interior Design Business
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For an interior designer, the most integral part of growing your clientele is to maintain a look consistent with your style. For a long time, designers have marketed their services physically through their work. 

While this method allows the experience to be more personalised and hands-on for customers, it cannot be ignored that the world is now more dependent on technology to solve their problems. Marketing techniques have been developed to excel in online mediums. 

Why online marketing?

Whether your business is new or old, it is always important to keep making improvements. Coming up with clever marketing strategies is a necessary measure to ensure your business is booming. And what better way to effectively reach your target market than by taking advantage of modern technology and the connections it provides? 

Consider leveraging the expertise of professionals, such as the team at Exotic Interiors Studio, to enhance your business aesthetics and create a lasting impression on your audience.

As social media takes over the world, interior designers find new opportunities to market their designs more effectively. It provides more chances to pitch your services while keeping tabs on the competition. 

So how do you ensure that your strategies are effective enough to bring in new clients? Shortlisted below are some effective steps you can take to optimize your online presence for your interior design business. 

Get a website!

The best way to establish an authentic online presence is through a website. The internet is filled with various free tools that help you build your own site in a few simple steps. With a website, you can lay the groundwork for your aesthetic design by customizing your home page, and allowing customers to directly see what you have to offer. 

Make sure your website tells your clients exactly what they want to know about you. You can make use of FAQs, client reviews, and much more to add to your reliability as a business. Feature your past projects, contact information, and much more to give clients a clear idea of who you are. 

A particularly famous interior design website to look at is that by Karim Rashid. With a simple, easy-to-use interface that takes you to exactly what you want to see, this website does an exemplary job of mirroring the designer’s own minimalistic yet luxurious brand identity. 

Your website is the first step to effective online marketing. That is why it is vital that it maintains an appealing presence and represents your identity as a designer. This article provides a shortlist of interior design websites to look at for inspiration on how to get started.

Tap into the blogging community! 

Blogging is a current online trend that cannot be ignored. The main benefit of blogging is that it will help you reach out to a new client base by writing effective posts that:

  • Show your skills as an interior designer
  • Engage customers through helpful tips and ideas
  • Reflect your brand identity and aesthetic

Generating blog posts that sell your ideas in subtle ways without seeming too commercial will help generate more traffic toward your website. It will also give customers a good view of what you can accomplish as a designer without having to directly sell to them. 

Amber Interiors is a blog hosted by a designer who makes sure to share her own art and views on her home design blog, All Sorts Of. This interior designer has formed a clientele by starting a blog that links directly to the theme of her own website, and subtly advertises her own design techniques. 

As a budding interior designer, you too can take a simple step toward blogging by sharing easy tips and design tricks with your customers. An article on a simple interior design topic can do wonders for your clientele. Here’s two topics to get you thinking.  

  1. 10 ways to design on a budget
  2. The best summertime design hacks 

With a blog, you as a designer can use your voice to share your artistic views with the world. You don’t need to be overly professional or formal with your posts. Your true voice and advice summarised in easy-to-follow blog posts will add a touch of authenticity to your business and make clients trust you as an artist with a good eye. 

Maintain your social media presence!

Social media has taken over the internet and is the perfect place to mingle, connect, and seize opportunities. Maintaining an active presence on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest allows you to showcase snippets of your work with the use of aesthetic visuals and engaging content. 

You can create posts and videos that reflect the design, color-scheme, and overall identity of your projects. There are countless tools on the internet that help you create social media content that fits your aesthetic sense and communicates your ideas to the world. PosterMyWall is a free design tool with a wide variety of interior design templates to use when creating engaging social media designs. 

Another way to boost your designs on social media is through hashtags. A quick, witty phrase that promotes your designs can do wonders for your marketing campaign on forums like Instagram. 

Use videos to showcase your talents!

When it comes to engaging content, there is nothing more effective than showcasing your design talents through videos. One major advantage of the camera is that it allows you to be more interactive when displaying your work. It lets you make effective usage of creative visuals to deliver your message for you. 

There are several ways you can go about making video content. You can try your hand at live video to show your work and efforts in real time. Famous design companies like Studio Mcgee have made creative use of their live web series to showcase the behind the scenes actions for their home designs. 

Such approaches will help you show your clientele the processes behind your creative design and add a personal, human touch to your services. 

Alternatively, you could take another creative approach to video making by using online design tools such as PosterMyWall to add your own personal design to your videos. Such a measure will allow your clients to see just how creative you can be with your design ideas.

How to Market Your Interior Design Business

As the world becomes more digitized, it is essential that your interior design keep up with trends and make effective use of online marketing campaigns. The ideas above will help you optimise your online presence in a way that will give your business the push that it needs to succeed.