You Can Now Use Video Translate App for Your Video Conference

You Can Now Use Video Translate App for Your Video Conference

Humans and companies have never been closer to video translate apps than they are right now. Businesses benefit from technological developments in content creation, its management process, and conversion in several languages, while they look for ways to save time and money through automatizing the entire process. As a matter of fact, this is a turning point.

Virtual meetings are on the rise as a result of remote working and unpredictable times the working life is going through. These innovative meetings are necessary for discussing the possible innovations that can be done, as well as preserving ties among workers and the audience.

In the field of video marketing and video conferencing, having your video conferences simultaneously translated in a professional way is the best step to attract a multilingual audience. It takes time, however, to get a complete translation process done by a professional.

Connecting with your international audience, on the other hand, may feel like one of the most daunting obstacles. Innovations we're seeing through artificial intelligence enable us now to translate video conferences in very simple and innovative steps.

People are in critical need of cloud communication softwares right now. And they're there to help them overcome their obstacles and embrace the massive digital transformation that everyone has been going through over the past year and a half. It is no surprise that these video translate apps are currently on the rise and that global communication is becoming hugely affected by translation technology.

Businesses choose tools that they are well familiar with. And it makes no difference whether the businesses are obliged to employ video conferencing tools due to a worldwide lockdown, or they chose these solutions because they are perfectly aligned with their business practices.

Therefore, the user’s experience would be greatly enhanced by mixing video conferencing tools and translation to any language. That is a challenge that video translate apps can benefit from while promoting very simple ways to ease up the process.

The importance of translating video conferences using video translate apps

The rise of video conferences

According to video conferencing data and remote work research from 2019, the worldwide remote workforce has grown by 140 percent since 2005, and those numbers are not ready to drop.

Some businesses, however, are concerned about the effects of remote working when it comes to team coordination and teamwork.

Employers gain from video conferencing just as much as employees do. Allowing team members to work from anywhere has been shown to boost productivity and reduce employee turnover.

Team collaboration is enhanced thanks to how easy it has become to split large video conferences into smaller conference rooms, and to use screen-sharing apps for presentations, as well as being able to see one another with cameras.

To put these realities into perspective, we’ve seen that 72% of businesses noticed a larger client collaboration rate in 2020 thanks to video conferencing.

Video conferencing reaches all sorts of industries, and not only for team collaboration. External communication, interviews and events are also widely used with video conferencing.

Statistics state that 78% of corporate companies use video conferencing apps, and 83% of businesses with over 250 employees are likely to start using a video calling tool. If you’re still not working with a video conferencing software, now is the time to do so.

Benefits of translating video conferences

A video conferencing tool will be easier to use if the interface and user instructions are available in the users' native languages. It will also help people feel less anxious.

Matter of fact, not everyone is at ease during a video conference, and using a technology that is not completely comprehensible due to the language barrier, which makes the experience unpleasant and uncomfortable.

People prefer to operate in their own language when navigating, ordering, video conferencing, e-learning, and so on. This allows them to reduce misunderstanding, remove judgment mistakes and communicate efficiently.

Benefits of translating video conferences

Therefore, when it comes to attracting a global audience for your video conferencing solutions, making any digital experience as smooth as possible with a video translate app should be your objective.

Although video translate apps cannot compete with human cognitive abilities, it can undertake an increasing number of simple tasks that would otherwise require human translation. It isn't just saving time by providing alternance to these simple tasks; it's also saving money. As a result, there is a lesser need to hire professional translators and use higher costs to cover the translation tasks that humans have been used to doing by themselves over the years.

How AI softwares are revolutionizing video translation with the help of Video translate apps

Any concern regarding inconsistency can be minimized with video translate apps by automatically adding translated information whenever repetition happens. This helps translators concentrate on improving text quality rather than repetitive activities.

Human translators can stay fresher for longer thanks to less mental fatigue, which allows them to make better decisions while robots get the basic tasks done. As a matter of fact, those algorithms are growing smarter all the time as well.

Automated translation is also becoming more precise and accurate for video conferences thanks to artificial intelligence, which allows human translators to use the technology to make a first version of basic documents, which they can subsequently revise and fix. Our existing translation technology is becoming more effective thanks to AI, and the quality will only increase as the technology grows smarter.

AI is already used in a variety of ways to ease up our translation process, which includes automated quoting and machine translation. It is very much needed, considering that classic video translation requires way longer processes.

Usually, video translation needs experts related to language, audio and video in order to turn the video into a suitable one to reach an international audience.

These experts’s tasks are being gathered up into one video translate app and therefore make the process go smoother.

Streamr, one of the most popular streaming and video translate apps, is an outcome of the innovations that video translation has seen over the years.

With so many features such as automated translation, caption creation, subtitles, voice overs as well as transcription, Streamr allows your videos to reach customers from all across the globe. 

When it comes to video conference translation and video translate apps, this easy-to-use software puts everything into your control and generates your videos translated in record time. Therefore, it can help you reach the automatic multi-lingual video transformation you’re looking for.

The whole concept here is based on converting your footage into a multilingual sales machine, and so without any language skill or technical experience, by following the simple steps below:

    1. After customizing your account, you can select your own video conference file and click on Video Translator.

    2. Click Generate subtitles for your video conference to activate transcription. Streamr will therefore get it done by converting your video to audio, upload to Google Cloud and convert the speech to text.

How AI softwares are revolutionizing video translation with the help of Video translate apps

    3. Your subtitles are added to your video conference!

How AI softwares are revolutionizing video translation with the help of Video translate apps

    4. In order to translate you need to translate your subtitles first, then use any language you want. You can now generate a voiceover and customize it by choosing the gender and the speed.

How AI softwares are revolutionizing video translation with the help of Video translate apps

    5. All you have left to do is freely edit the audio of your voiceover, customize your subtitles and you’re ready to go!

Your video conference is now translated into a foreign language of your choice. The productivity of these video translate apps is that you get to choose whatever language to translate to and which you feel is necessary for your business.