The 6 Types of Video You Can Use in Your Video Marketing Strategy

The 6 Types of Video You Can Use in Your Video Marketing Strategy
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We may all know the virtues of using video as a marketing tool and how it can be used. In this article, we will include some examples to illustrate better how you can use video within your company and make the most of it an especially useful means of building trust and increasing your conversion rates.

Why you should do video marketing

There are several reasons to use this technique. Some of the most important are:

  • Substantially improves conversion rates (on the landing pages you create for your ads, videos can make a difference)
  • Pages that include video content are more likely to rank high in related searches. Since YouTube is the second most important search engine after Google, it is important that brands create an important presence on this platform by developing their own channel within the site and uploading their content that they can later insert on their site.
  • Video content allows for a level of rapprochement with the audience that can hardly be achieved through other types of content (it helps to build trust).
  • Sites that include video content make visitors spend more time on them.
  • More than 100 million people are said to watch videos daily. A sum that with the increasing penetration of mobile devices will increase.

Video marketing examples

Here are some video marketing examples illustrating different ways you can take advantage of this technique and use it within your own business.

Explainier video

One of the most useful and practical ways to use video marketing is to explain how the products or services that a company offers work. Something particularly striking about many of the companies that offer services and tools for business through the Internet. Through an explainer video that is usually located on the home page of the page, these companies give visitors a fast and expeditious way of knowing in a rough way what they do and how they do it, something that makes perfect sense considering that in most cases.

The visitor does not have time to go through the entire site to see what the company does and if it actually offers what the customer needs. Even if people had enough time to try to understand what the company does by looking at different information within site. So when it comes to getting your visitor's attention and interest in what you and your business are doing, you don't have much time to do this once people land on your site.

For this reason, video is one of the best options available to any business to be able to engage the visitor from the outset, and more so when, due to the nature of the product or service that is offered or because of the portfolio that is handled, it is necessary that people understand at least in a general way the main features of your offer and how you can help them better solve a problem or need.


Without a doubt, testimonials are one of the best ways to use video as a way to build trust. Since the client always seeks to make sure as much as possible to make the correct decision. They usually mistrust and doubt the promises that companies make. Testimonials are one of the best ways to break with people's skepticism and mobilize people towards buying. Through landing pages every time you create ads and your own website in a tab called "what they say about us" or "testimonials,"

According to several studies, video content helps to improve conversion rates and the effectiveness of the actions that companies carry out through the internet. In this way, if you, for example, use email marketing as a tool to promote yourself, putting a video on a landing page to which an advertisement that you created in Google or a social network directs can allow you to improve conversion rates.

In this way, unlike only including content in text and image format, If a page includes videos about testimonials or about how a company is in charge of solving a problem or need (as is the case in the example), it can significantly increase the efficiency of your landing pages.

Tutorial video

Although widely used by cloud computing software and services companies, tutorial videos that talk about making the best use of the product or service are still effective ways to persuade people.

It is a great way to answer frequently asked questions from clients and generate valuable content that can be included within the blog or within specific pages and promoted through the different digital fronts. Even if your product or service is not as complex as software, you can always go further and explore ways to add value to your customers by giving them helpful recommendations on your product or service.

Corporate video

Although corporate videos are usually associated with large companies or have a good budget to carry out this type of initiative, creating a video of this type is not difficult with the many tools that exist today. In addition, it can be a good cover letter for a seller to the extent that thanks to technology, presenting this type of content today is something that practically anyone can do through a tablet or smartphone.

Apart from how professional your company can look, a corporate video helps you point out each of the things that make it special, such as your mission, vision, and values. It also allows you to give different reasons and arguments for a better option than its competitors.

Keep in mind when making the video to focus on those things that your client would be interested in knowing. Include testimonials, success stories, and companies you've worked with. Remember to include the video within your site in the section that you consider most appropriate.

Promotional video

Several brands, among which are many not so well known, have come to have a high impact and achieve a great reach with a relatively small investment by making promotional videos and carrying out different campaigns that have been virtualized through social networks. Leveraging primarily on humor and emotions, brands can achieve surprising results when creating promotional videos.

These in addition to being spread intensively through social networks, can also make brands get free press and mentions in blogs that can make this type of action much more interesting. In this way, when it comes to achieving visibility and brand awareness, these types of videos can more than pay for the efforts of creating them.

Short videos

Thanks to the boom that they have had in networks such as Instagram and more recently in others such as Twitter and Facebook, short videos have been positioned as one of the contents. They have the most resonance in social networks and have the most power when it comes to hooking people. This has given way to tools like Vimeo, which allow brands to create and publish content in these types of entertaining and easy-to-digest formats.

Also, consider making use of streaming or live broadcasts to launch live events or launches through tools like Periscope or even Google+ Hangouts. This way, you can take full advantage of the potential that video has to offer your business.


In a word, currently, creating quality video content is something that is within reach of any company. Thanks to the multitude of tools that exist, between free and low-cost, any business is in a position to create attractive videos that convey a very good image to its audience even without knowing video editing.