The Best Shopify Apps for Push Notifications

The Best Shopify Apps for Push Notifications
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What do you know about electronic commerce? Why do you think it is so popular nowadays? E-commerce is an economic sphere that includes commercial and financial transactions implemented with the help of computer networks. If you make purchases on the internet, you have to know about e-banking, e-cash, and e-marketing.

Which advantages does this type of commerce allow? It allows you to take care of many tasks at the same time. It helps business owners:

  • to use various applications for increasing conversion rates;
  • to make electronic marketing more efficient;
  • to choose a more productive type of advertising;
  • to attract more customers;
  • to have the opportunity of international trading;
  • to save resources;
  • to develop different areas of business.

Online selling has a lot of advantages for shoppers too. They can buy any product from any location as long as they have the money. Customers can get timely information about products, services, discounts, and promotions. They can purchase anything they want without leaving home. All these benefits are provided by Shopify apps.

Benefits of Push Notifications

As a business owner, you must already know enough about Shopify apps in general. But how much do you know about push notifications? What is their use and their main goal?

First, we have to understand what push notifications are and how they work. It is an effective method to inform website users about updates and different changes. Push notifications provide a connection to your followers and subscribers. They help to alert users about transactional operations in the networks. It is a good tool for increasing conversion rates and turning website visitors into actual buyers. Push notifications are more effective than emails because they can’t go to the spam folder and they generate more clicks.

Push notifications are helpful in various spheres.

Content marketing and advertising

The first step is to form your subscriber base. After that, you have an opportunity to send out messages to your subscribers about discounts and promotions, new products and services, and various innovations. It is a proven method of keeping the users’ attention and managing their urge to shop. The good news is that if a user has visited your website once and enabled push notifications, you can attract their attention and motivate them for purchases.

Social media messages

Are you a social media user? Are you well familiar with the principles of social network interaction? Then we are sure that you know everything about posts, likes, comments, and messages from your friends and the support service. Push notifications will inform you about any activity on your social media. It is rather convenient and doesn’t require you to visit your page every time to see new shares or comments.  

Conferences, training, and webinars

Do you need to improve your qualifications? Are you interested in personal development? Maybe you are a creator of webinars or training? Push notifications are very effective for informing participants about the start of the broadcast. It helps to go to the broadcasting page quickly. Emails and SMS can get delayed, but push notifications are delivered immediately.

Transaction alert 

Push notifications deliver important information as soon as possible. They work cheaper and faster than SMS. Thus, if the status of the order changes, you get information on time.

Other alerts

Do you want to get timely information about correct exchange rates, your favorite match results, various promotions, new exciting games, and price changes? Most online resources use push notifications to keep their subscribers informed. But getting notifications is your right, not a duty. You can refuse the messages at any moment.

Here are the main benefits of Push notifications.

  • Ability to apply templates when sending.
  • Costs are less than email and SMS.
  • The offer to subscribe is shown immediately, and users don’t need to waste their time searching for this particular option.
  • Push notifications are shown on top of other windows in the browser.
  • Users can be directed to the website immediately after opening the notification.
  • The notifications are not perceived as spam and don’t overload subscribers with unneeded information.
  • You can add time zone, data, geodata, and time to your push notifications.
  • Users can get messages regardless of whether their browser is open or their device is connected to the network.

Shopify Apps for Push Notifications

Many years ago, online commerce appeared in our life to make it easier and fit it with many possibilities. We can see the increasing number of people who use Shopify applications every day because it saves money while making shopping faster and more convenient. This type of app is helpful for customers and business owners both.

If you are looking for recommendations on how to choose the best Shopify apps for push notifications for your business, here is what our experience shows.

You have to know how many channels the application can support. If you want to use automated abandoned cart pushes, advertising projects for sales stimulation, you need an app with various messages.

Every app has its own ways to increase the number of subscribers. You have to know what effective tools the application has for attracting new subscribers. When you invest money, you want to get income. Investments need constant monitoring and control. Thus your app needs to have convenient reporting tools.

Shopify apps have different pricing policies. You can compare the price lists of all apps and decide which one can solve most of your problems at an affordable price.

Below is our list of the best Shopify apps for push notifications. Check out all of them and choose the best suitable app for your type of business.

1. Firepush

Do you need a reliable Shopify app for increasing conversion rates? Firepush is a marketing automation platform that can work in various directions at the same time. It is recommended for Shopify stores as a complex solution, including push notifications. This app has cost-effective and well-visible push notifications, which can be very easily customized. It is an excellent way to attract clients to your website and continue interacting with them until they make an order.

Firepush push notifications help to increase clients’ loyalty and attract returning customers. It is an excellent tool for remarketing. Compared to other apps, Firepush offers SMS, emails, and push notifications.

It has the needed package for efficient work that includes embed buttons, flyout widgets, and sign-up boxes. Embed buttons are in the paid plan. Flyout widgets and sign-up boxes you can get for free. Firepush provides paid and free subscriptions that you can use in two steps. The quality of subscriptions can satisfy even the most demanding customers.

You can change the content of push notifications quickly and easily. Monitoring all processes, you have an opportunity to analyze the effectiveness of each message. Choosing the necessary settings only takes a few minutes.

2. Aimtell

The Aimtell app works only with web push notifications.  The push notifications include price drop, information about the availability of products in stock, and messages about shipping. Aimtell has limited options for signing up new subscribers.

This application has paid plans. But keep in mind that they don’t guarantee embed buttons, sign-up boxes, and flyout widgets. It is a frequently recommended app, but its possibilities are quite limited.

3. NotifyVisitors

NotifyVisitors is the best push notification app for Shopify. This user-friendly solution simplifies the way entrepreneurs communicate with their customers, providing an easy and effective way to send out eye-catching content in just a few clicks.

Not only does NotifyVisitors save time, it also delivers meaningful results. With highly customizable targeting options, businesses have the power to reach the right customers at the right time - resulting in higher engagement and better click-through rates.

NotifyVisitors is totally worth checking out if you're a Shopify store owner looking to get the best out of your push notification efforts!

4. iZooto

iZooto is a marketing platform that allows media websites and publishers to attract an audience and keep in touch with them. iZooto specializes in sending contextual messages via Messenger, various applications, and websites. It is a good app for publishers that allows developing a personalized user experience. It helps to automate your interaction with subscribers.

iZooto has two types of push notifications: manual and automated. It offers manual pushes for sharing content and promotions. You can use automated pushes for the following messages: welcome, abandoned cart, product view, and collection view retargeting. But this application doesn’t offer such types of notification as back in stock, delivery, and price drop.

5. Push Monkey

This application works only with web push notifications. It has higher prices than other apps in this category. The price depends on the number of subscribers. Push Monkey can be integrated with various popular platforms, including Shopify, very easily. This app offers various functions: detailed statistics on open rates and subscribers, automatic submission of new content, granular content filtering, Safari push notifications.

6. Smart Push Marketing (SPM)

This app has four types of paid plans: basic, business, advanced, plus. But SPM offers only email support and opens access to one marketing channel. Regardless of the plan, you will not be given sign-up boxes, flyout widgets, or embed buttons. This app can provide you only with browser prompts.

A two-step subscription is available in both free and paid versions. However, SPM doesn’t provide 24/7 support despite paid plans. Like Push Monkey and Aimtell, it offers only web push notifications. The reporting covers clicks, impressions, and subscribers. This app doesn’t support reports on conversion rates, income generation, return on investment, and click-through rate.

This app is a great tool for abandoned cart recovery, but it doesn’t have a customer feedback requests function. Smart Push Marketing is actively used for returning lost sales and increasing the number of new purchases. You can use this app to attract serious buyers to your website.

7. Push Crew

Push Crew is not as popular and multifunctional as Firepush, but it’s good. This app is used to return buyers to the website. It works with various devices. This app helps you to improve your marketing strategy results and simplify the interaction with your potential clients.

Push Crew has the following advantages:

  • it allows connecting with users in real-time
  • it helps to increase the marketing list
  • it guarantees more pageviews than email notifications
  • it can send personalized push notifications
  • it has qualified customer support

8. PushAssist

The Shopify app store offers to use PushAssist.

Push notifications by PushAssist work on many various devices and browsers: Safari, Opera, Chrome, and others. These pushes are used to inform clients about promotions and discounts, send them tracking information and delivery updates, and return customers to your site.

9. PushFlew

This app is not well-known but still effective. It offers free push notifications to increase your conversion rates. It is effective for various purposes such as abandoned carts, cross-selling and upselling, orders, delivery updates. This app helps to engage customers not only with push notifications but using email subscriptions.

PushFlew can offer you a wide variety of push notifications and email capture popups.

10 Appush by Webbie Web

We all know how numerous notifications can be irritating. Persistent mailing can backfire and push away potential clients. Appush by Webbie Web helps you with this problem. Visitors can get push notifications with the help of a QR code, which enables physical subscription and can be used at any time. If visitors are interested in your products, they can install your mobile application for further interaction. It is an excellent way to be considerate of your potential buyers and leave them the right to choose. Appush by Webbie Web is free, which allows reducing costs on marketing strategies.

11. Pushwoosh

Pushwoosh is a well-developed service with flexible push notifications. One of the functions it offers is interaction with subscribers in their native language. Another benefit is the opportunity to send an unlimited number of notifications. It has advanced statistics, multilingual alerts, dynamic content, and auto-notifications. It provides global, group, and trigger pushes. It has an automation pattern. This app supports two types of plans: free and paid. 

Pushwoosh is available for various types of online stores. Besides everything else, it has remote API, geotags, code review, and other advantages. You can try it for free to understand how it can increase your sales.

12. Push4site

This app helps create push notifications for your website that can come directly to the clients’ desktops even with the browser closed. Every push has a specific structure. It consists of title, text, image, and link. This service is easy to set up and work with. You will have a convenient personal account with access to mailing statistics and scheduled mailing.

Push4site is very convenient because it supports most browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. It also supports offline delivery, so the message visibility is 90%. This application can be interesting if you need targeting, segmentation, personalization, and geo-targeting. Push4site is also compatible with mobile platforms. It can deliver push notifications to a locked screen.

Like Pushwoosh, this app supports two types of plans: free and paid. It offers analytic tools such as  tracking resources and conversions, audience segmentation, keyword tracking, targeting, and A/B testing.

13. eSputnik

eSputnik is a marketing automation service for multi-channel advertising campaigns: web-push, email, SMS, and Viber. This complex system allows you to combine all these channels in one scenario.

eSputnik is known as an automated response email editor that can perform many tasks at the same time. It works with abandoned carts and abandoned views, which allows you to bring back potential buyers. This app is effective because it has convenient customization of selling triggers. The segmentation of the database is flexible. Its integration with hundreds of services allows you to expand your client base. The application provides very detailed reporting.

eSputnik is popular because it guarantees client-side storage of confidential information and advanced security. eSputnik helps in planning, writing letters, collecting and maintaining subscribers, and conducting promotional mailings.

It’s looking like emails and SMS will slowly become a thing of the past. Push notifications are the new drivers of online commerce that have proven their effectiveness.

There are multiple Shopify applications for push notifications. They all have similarities and differences. Some of them are free, and some need payment. Your choice depends mainly on your budget and marketing strategy. We hope that our description of every app can help you to choose the best.