Are You Worried About New Will After Divorce?

Are You Worried About New Will After Divorce?
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Marriage is considered as the sanctity of the union between two individuals, who are willing to spend their life together. While the cultural and religious significances of marriage differ amongst communities and regions, the legal implication remains more or less the same. Exceptions to the legalities of marriage can be observed in those nations where women and child rights are severely neglected.

Marriage and Divorce

Even though marriage is considered as an engagement of a lifetime, there are ways to get rid of this bond when the relationship becomes unbearable to the parties involved in the marriage. The process of separating the partners or spouses from the institution of marriage is divorce. Despite being an unfortunate event, divorce has become the necessary evil to ensure individual happiness.

As more and more people are getting to understand the value of self-dependency and personal choice of freedom, divorces are getting common as well. Despite being a tabooed topic the rates of divorces are increasing. 

If we attempt to discuss the causes and effects of divorce, then it would accumulate page after page with no end in near future. However, one of the major effects of divorce happens to be in the legal will of either one or both spouses.

How divorces can alter the will arrangement of the married partners?

In most marriages, the will of any partner in a marriage is usually aligned with the other partner or children. Upon the event of divorce, changes in such will become inevitable and need to be done at the earliest post the finalization of the divorce processes. 

Such changes often become the reason for worries to most individuals who are going through a divorce. However, many websites like offer readymade help to update and change the contents of a will upon divorce.

The interesting part about wills and divorce is that the existing will where the married partners have provided arrangements for each other does not automatically get dissolved unless otherwise specifically mentioned during the drafting of the will. This aspect makes it imperative to have the will updated as soon as a divorce is finalized.

Some of the important points that should be kept in mind when a divorce process is ongoing are:

  • Have one’s attorney update the will regularly along with amending the trust
  • The healthcare proxy or the directives related to any medical issue must be changed from the spouse's name to any other trustworthy individual.
  • Power of attorney must be changed in cases the other spouse’s names are present in any document
  • Thoroughly reviewing pre-nuptials and getting prepared so that the other party does not take undue advantage of any loopholes that might be present in the document.

We are all aware that divorce is an emotionally wrecking experience and moving on seems like crossing a mountain. Still one should have a plan in place once the divorce is finalized. This would not only help to sort out the legalities but would also help one to propel forward in life.