How to make International Phone Calls for Free or at a Cheap Price

How to make International Phone Calls for Free or at a Cheap Price
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Making a free international call or a cheap international phone call for your business or just for a family chit-chat is about paying bills for the minutes we talk or pay for the internet connection. However, the internet made it easier for many of us to do it for free or at a very cheap price. As there are few great ways to make a free or a cheap phone call as the best is internet-powered virtual phone numbers that we can use at a cheap price, landline phone connections and free apps to call your loved ones using a smartphone or your PC using the internet connection.

Here we are talking about some of the cheapest ways to make international calls that are cheap or totally free for everyone. Yes, cheap or at no cost international calls right from your comfort zone without installing any extra gadgets. You can use your smartphone to have these services installed and you can get your own virtual phone number. You will be able to send and receive messages even documents not just voice calling and more than this, nobody will know how you are calling them as they will see your mobile number only. So, if you are living abroad, you have relatives in foreign countries or simply you run an international business or you are a work-from-home person who has to make several international calls on a daily basis and want a cheap way to do it, you are on the right page, here we will introduce you the best options for making free and cheap international phone calls for family or business-related tasks.

Best Apps to Make Free International Calls Online

Here's a list of some of the best free apps that you can use for making free international calls online without paying monthly landline or phone number bills.

1. WhatsApp

When we talk about an app for free calls, WhatsApp comes to mind as the #1 app for making audio calls, video calls, and even for sending voice messages, images, videos, and documents of up to 100mbs to anyone who is using WhatsApp around the globe. This is a free and encrypted instant messaging and voice-over-IP service that is owned by Facebook, Inc. and available for iPhone, Android, PC, and other smart devices you may own. You can use WhatsApp to make free international phone calls and all you have to ask your loved ones or clients is their WhatsApp phone number, almost every person who is using a smartphone is using WhatsApp and that's how easy it is to use WhatsApp for making free calls.

2. Skype

Truly an international calling app that is available to Android, iOS, and Windows users with free and paid plans. You can make free international calls for free using Skype and even use it as a personal calling app for making free audio calls to your friends and family members. You can buy credits and make it your business app for making calls that represent a professional mobile number with a paid plan. Skype is one of the oldest and pioneering video-chat platforms that most international companies are using to take interviews, hold conferences and do more than this.

3. IMO

Many of you may have heard the name of this app called IMO and many of you may haven't. Either way IMO is the best VoIP calling app that is there for making free international phone calls and people use this free app for talking to their loved ones. You can make encrypted voice and video calls on the devices that have IMO installed and you have their mobile numbers in your contact list. Yes, IMO works just like how WhatsApp works and is the best option when you are not using WhatsApp or Skype for any given reason.

Best Ways to Make Cheap International Calls Online

If you are serious about your business and want to understand how to make an international call from a cell phone for a cheap price you are on the right page.

1. Icon Offices

Following the current scenarios and countries which are working easy-of-doing-business policies, UK is the best to register your company even if you are not a resident and the very first step for this is getting a UK phone number. The best thing about Icon Offices is they provide you with your own UK virtual mobile number that has nothing to do with a sim card. Yes, you read it right, you don't need to physically buy and install a sim card or activate a sim card for using a UK mobile number. With this platform, you can buy a cheap UK virtual mobile number that works for WhatsApp, Banking Apps, and all the other platforms that require a One Time Passcode (OTP). This platform knows how a virtual phone number should work as they help you set it up by call divert on your existing number and you can receive OTP's on your email address. That's how easy it is to get a cheap virtual UK mobile number online and also enjoy free minutes for your outbound calls.

2. Line

Line is a wonderful competitor to all of the other international calling apps out there as they offer free international and domestic landline/mobile calls that anybody can make for up to 5 minutes. One can also use the Line app to make free calls to other Line users and send messages of different types. Yes, it is an alternative to WhatsApp and does more than a social media app. Line provides you with free calls, news, and even coupons too. Just give it a try and let us know your thoughts on the Line app.

3. Google Voice

When you hear "Powered by Google" you want something free and high-quality. But, Google is not the same with all of its products. As Google Voice is a perfect platform for making cheap phone calls in the United States and Canada (not available in other countries). You can easily change your mobile number for free and there are more options than you can enjoy virtually without having to buy a physical SIM. The only problem with Google Voice is it is not available to any other countries besides Canada and the USA.

Which is the best international calling app?

Skype is the best international calling app for making free and cheap voice and video calls to your family, loved ones, and clients too. Having its own Android iOS, and Windows apps, Skype is the only platform that provides HD audio for VoIP calls and HD video calling even when you are holding a conference call with Microsoft-powered Skype.

What is the cheapest way to call internationally?

As there are many ways to make free and cheap international calls, we can use WhatsApp, Line, and Telegram, or Viber to make free and very cheap international voice and video calls. These apps provide us with the cheapest options for making international calls and also with free calling options, these are the best apps to choose from.


What's your take for making a free or a very cheap international phone call? let us know in the comments.