What Are the Benefits of Studying in Berlin?

What Are the Benefits of Studying in Berlin?
Photo by George Milton from Pexels

Apart from being one of the biggest cities of Germany, Berlin is also important for the rest of the European continent thus there are hundreds of benefits of studying in Berlin.

It has been dubbed as the continent’s start-up capital as well as a major player in the engineering industry, renewable energy, and scientific domains.

Berlin isn’t all work and no play either. The city is known for its historical monuments, beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and diversity. The city attracts many students, free-thinkers, visionaries, and entrepreneurs. Overseas.com reveals that out of its 3.5 million inhabitants, 1/3rd are foreigners.

What attracts so many international students to study in Berlin? Let’s find out by reading some key benefits of studying in Berlin!

1. Berlin is the Silicon Valley of Europe

If you are interested in cutting-edge technology and a career in the domain, Berlin can be the best place to start your career. There are innumerable tech start-ups in the city giving it a very technology-friendly vibe.

Even if you aren’t a tech geek, there are other benefits of pursuing your education in the city where there’s so much going on. You can attend different tech events and meets where you can network with people and grow your prospects in associated fields.

2. It is a great launch platform for artists

Berlin is no stranger to the arts either. While it can be considered as a hotbed for start-ups, its thriving cultural and arts scene promotes and nurtures creativity. The city has more than 150 museums, three operas, 50 theatres, and countless cultural spaces that can give beginning artists their first break.

The city also hosts countless exhibitions, art shows, concerts, and events that can help you fraternize with people from the global art community.

3. You get many opportunities to explore other European cities

Berlin is well-connected by rail and road for exploring other tourist destinations with Germany and the rest of Europe. This can be a huge advantage if you are a travel enthusiast studying in the city. For instance, Prague, another historic city, is just a 5-hour car ride away.

You can also find many flights to other European cities for as little as € 50-100. This can allow you to plan affordable trips to these cities on a student budget.

4. The city is a treat for history buffs

If you are a history buff interested in World War folklore and stories, Berlin would be a treat! A city is a fascinating place filled with World War or the Cold War memorabilia like the Berlin wall, East Side Gallery, and the Holocaust Memorial.

You also get to visit interesting spots like a real nuclear bunker from the cold war or a German concentration camp.

Berlin can offer a rare combination of city life and nature and has one of the most exciting nightlife. It can offer everyone irrespective of their background or career aspirations. The city is home to large immigrant populations from different parts of the world, allowing you to experience multicultural diversity.

Enroll in a good German university in Berlin today to experience the charms of the city and give your career a good kick-start.

So, what are some cool benefits of studying in Berlin you know about?