Comparing QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop

Comparing QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop
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Designed and provided by Intuit, Both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online are popular accounting software for small to medium-sized businesses. The online version is particularly intended to improve and upgrade the primary desktop version by adding unique functions. The small and medium-sized businesses will each have different demands and have to determine the software that can satisfy their requirements both in features as well as functionality.

So here are some benefits and drawbacks of both platforms:


Software installation

QuickBooks Online does not need any kind of installation. This online platform has access from any device by using a browser making it very much convenient. QuickBooks Desktop needs installation on a selected device to be utilized. You can also use a Azure Virtual Desktop to host it.

Excellent User Interface (UI)

QuickBooks Online has an amazingly friendly user interface. The program is a new and well-made application that makes it effortless for the user to search for what they want and make use of all the essential features without any training.

Pricing plans

QuickBooks Online has several alternatives for pricing plans. The top version provides up to 25 users. Similarly, Cloud QuickBooks Hosting provides different features. QuickBooks Desktop has a single plan, and you will have to spend extra for every additional user authorization to access the plan.

Software updates

QuickBooks Online has free updates giving instant access to the newest software version. QuickBooks Desktop needs a costly annual subscription or an additional license to get the newest version.


Recovering Previous Versions

QuickBooks Online is ineffective to retrieve transactions from earlier versions of your records. This indicates that you cannot recover an unintentionally deleted item or restore an item that has been edited. You have to manually input the data by yourself.


QuickBooks Online's basic version provides several accounting functions. But, to access additional functions and features like add-ons, and availability for 25 users you will have to invest more funds. The topmost plan is 6 times more costly than the basic plan. It is sensible to thoroughly consider the functions which are necessary for your business to determine what the expenses will be. Customizations and added features cost more.

Payment processing

QuickBooks Online has a method to accept payments by bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards, etc. The drawback is the charging policy. For instance, there is a purchase price of 2.4% on payment cards that are invoiced reaching up to 3.4% for payment cards that are swiped. These charges are more expensive than the standard price charged by other latest payment processors.

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