The Best Table Saw Blade For Laminate Flooring 2021: Review & Top Picks

The Best Table Saw Blade For Laminate Flooring 2021: Review & Top Picks

Making and arranging laminate flooring by yourself has never been easier. Your table saw will need the support of a sharp and robust saw blade to produce the neatest cuts.

Not all table saw blades are the same. Just like not all saws are different, every type is much effectively used on specific jobs. For example, there are many similarities between chop and miter saws, but the differences are what make each unique for certain applications. You can read more about it on Depending on the technical and structural properties, they will be suitable for different projects.

This article will recommend and rate the best table saw blade for laminate flooring available to save your time. 

Let’s check it out!

Top 3 Best Table Saw Blade For Laminate Flooring Reviews

There are specific requirements for table saw blades for laminate flooring, such as thin kerf or carbide-tipped teeth. The top 3 products below are the ultimate choices on the market.

Let's learn more about their features, advantages, and disadvantages. Looking for the top best table saw under 1000 here

1. Freud LU79R010

1. Freud LU79R010

Product highlights

The Freud LU79R010 is the first choice on this list because of its outstanding features.

At 10-inches and 80 carbide-tipped teeth, this rounded blade promises perfect cuts on laminate. Top carbide materials provide durability and sharpness that you can hardly find in other products.

The Freud Diablo brand is the guarantee of the best quality for this table saw blade. It's hard to choose a product that stands out in their saw blade portfolio.

With a standard thin kerf of just .098 inches, the Freud LU79R010 glides smoothly through double-sided laminates without leaving any cracks or crumbs. The result you get is beautiful and neat cuts. If you are doing a DIY project that requires meticulousness, it is the first choice.

With this type of kerf, you also won't need to press the knife into the wood too hard to cut.

It doesn't just stop there. Freud LU79R010 also comes with a Perma Shield coating that prevents corrosion and overheating. The primary material that Freud used also helps with vibration. Even better, it has integrated laser cutting technology in the blade.

Freud is very confident in the LU79R010, as evidenced by their commitment to a lifetime warranty on the product.


  • Sharp and carbide-tipped teeth.
  • Long lifespan.
  • Anti-vibration material.
  • Anti-corrosion and overheating coating.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Expensive price tag.

2. BOSCH DCB1072

2. BOSCH DCB1072

Product highlights

Bosch not only makes excellent saws, but they also add sharp saw blades to their product portfolio. Our best table saw blade for laminate flooring from this brand is Bosch DCB1072.

This circular blade can perfectly cut materials such as laminate, melamine, and bamboo.

You can choose the number of teeth from 24, 40, 60, 72, and 80. However, we recommend the 10-inch blade and 72 carbide-tipped teeth for best results.

The primary material of this circular blade is brute carbide. As a result, it is highly resistant to damage to ensure high durability. If you often have to use it for carpentry projects, the negative hook angle will prevent abrasion.

The narrow DCB1072 blade with a kerf of .098 inches allows for thin and precise cuts. The shape of the triple chip grind tooth also contributes a lot to this. It helps you make cuts more straightforward and more comfortable.

Bosch has built the entire blade structure in durable steel to resist vibrations during work.

All in all, the Bosch DCB1072 is an excellent choice for all your home carpentry projects.


  • Triple chip carbide-tipped teeth.
  • Extra thin kerf.
  • Anti-abrasion angle.
  • It can cut delicate and precise cuts.
  • Unique design.


  • The blade requires extra maintenance and care.

3. Overpeak 10Inch-90T

3. Overpeak 10Inch-90T

Product highlights

Last on the list. We want to introduce you to Overpeak's proud circular blade.

This wonderfully round blade measures 10-inches and 90 carbide-tipped teeth. The wide opening ensures quick and stable cuts. As a result, you can safely use it on softwood and laminate flooring.

Not only that, but the Overpeak blade is also suitable for any project that uses plywood, ripping wood, or cross-cuts wood. It can also become a chop saw, thanks to its slightly negative rake angle.

For anyone looking to upgrade their table saw, this blade accepts cutting speeds up to 6000 RPM.

Four ventilation holes ensure this circular saw blade does not vibrate excessively during high-speed cutting. It also allows laser cutting and, more importantly, prevents abrasion from being applied to the surface.

Although its price is relatively low compared to competitors, you can rest assured that Overpeak has a stable lifespan. The manufacturer has sawn all the metal parts together. The ATB tooth section provides excellent finishing performance and Anti-Backlash technology.

With all the features mentioned above, it's hard to say no to this versatile round blade.


  • The maximum cutting speed is at 6000 RPM.
  • Quick and aggressive cuts.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Anti-backlash system.
  • Rechargeable carbide teeth.


  • The blade is relatively wider.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best table saw blade for laminate flooring is a daunting task. Without proper guidance or research, it is easy to buy the wrong blade.

Don't forget to take the time to think about your needs and financial situation. They are also essential factors for your decision-making.

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