Tell-Tale Signs That You Are Dating an Alcoholic

Tell-Tale Signs That You Are Dating an Alcoholic
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You might be dating somebody or know someone in the early alcoholism stages. Perhaps, something tells you that the person has a drinking problem but is yet to exhibit any symptom. Maybe they show few signs of alcohol use disorder.

Alcoholism is generally a progressive disorder. The symptoms of this illness become numerous and more apparent as the patient continues consuming alcohol. Eventually, alcoholism becomes evident to everyone.

Unfortunately, the solution how to help an alcoholic is not easy. That’s because this disorder doesn’t affect the alcoholic alone. In some cases, the condition can trigger self-blame feelings. You can even try to control your spouse’s drinking habits. Some people even enable their partner’s drinking by covering for their irresponsible habits.

In some cases, recognizing a stereotypical alcoholic is easy. However, alcoholism might not be evident during the early stages because the disorder is not apparent before progressing. Thus, you might not know that a person is struggling with a drinking problem.

However, you can notice the tell-tale signs of alcohol use disorder in its early stages. If you think you or a person you care about is struggling with addiction or substance use, these are the symptoms to look for and decide whether you need professional assistance.

The Whole Social Life is About Drinking

Is the person you’re dating always attending occasions where people drink? If yes, you’re probably dating an alcoholic. If the person shuns individuals that don’t drink and opt to spend time with alcohol consumers, they may be in the early phases of alcoholism. For instance, the person might not attend a Little League game but instead, attend an event where they can tailgate. Occasionally, the person may take you to a movie but rush to a bar immediately after.

Drinking is Their Stress Reliever

Maybe the person you’re dating drinks when happy and mad. They could also drink when celebrating and even when depressed. That means drinking is their mechanism for coping with life. And this person will consume alcohol whether they are going through ups or downs in life. What this means is that the person you’re dating uses alcohol as a crutch. And they depend on alcohol to deal with different emotions. Thus, alcohol means more to the person you’re dating than to other people.

They Don’t Appear Intoxicated

Among the early symptoms of alcohol use disorder is a person’s ability to “hold their liquor.” And this ability makes it hard for some people to know they are working with alcoholics. Ideally, you can live with or date a person that drinks and hides their intoxication.

In some cases, you could be dating a person who doesn’t exhibit intoxication signs even after having several drinks. That means the person has developed alcohol tolerance. Ideally, the person needs more alcohol to achieve their initial high level after a drink or two. If you attempt to drink with your partner, you feel the alcohol effect before them and start slowing down.

Failure to Drink Makes Them Irritable

If the person you’re dating is okay with alcohol in their hand but becomes irritable when unable to drink for a significant period, they probably have a drinking problem. Ideally, slight provocation could be making the person angry. In some cases, they may get irritable even without provoking them. Thus, the person is hard to communicate with and unpredictable when sober.

Your Partner’s Personality Changes When Drinking

Maybe you’re dating a person that doesn’t appear intoxicated after drinking but their personality or mood changes. For instance, the person can stop being a sweet, kind person to a verbally abusive and mean individual after a few drinks. They can also stop being quiet and shy to being aggressive and loud. When drinking, the person could be overly emotional but rarely expressions when sober.

They Drink Without Planning

A primary reason some people don’t know how to deal with an alcoholic is their unpredictable nature. A person with a drinking problem can say they won’t drink today. However, they quickly change their mind about getting near or around drinking people. Also, an alcoholic can tell you they will have a drink or two but have more than that. What’s more, an alcoholic can start without drinking but create a circumstance that provides an excuse for drinking. For instance, they can start an argument and use it as their excuse for consuming alcohol.

They Drink Different Alcohol Brands or Types

A social drinker sticks to a single brand or alcohol type. In some cases, they will decline alcohol if it’s not their favorite type or brand. If the person you’re dating drinks any alcohol available, they’re probably alcoholic. For instance, the person can consume the cheapest beer when broke and the most refined spirit when they have enough money. While their brands or types might change, their drinking never stops.

Drinking is Causing Troubles in Their Life

Perhaps, you’re dating a person that has lost a job due to missing work because of their drinking habits. Maybe the person has had problems with the law after drinking. Research indicates that alcoholism and alcohol use comes with many risks, including social and health issues. A person whose drinking has led to problems or their intoxication has embarrassed them can swear they won’t drink again. However, they will continue drinking even when their problems continue.

Alcoholism is Part of Their Family History

Perhaps, the person you’re dating is from a family with a history of alcoholism. That means their risk of developing a drinking problem is higher. Therefore, take your time to know the family of the person you’re dating. Suppose you notice siblings, uncles, aunts, parents, or other blood relatives have a drinking problem, and the person you’re dating is already developing or showing signs of alcoholism. In that case, it may indicate they are likely to become alcoholics.

They Know How to Get Alcohol

Some people don’t know how to help an alcoholic because they always know how to get alcohol even when they don’t have the money to buy it. An alcoholic can even put off purchasing something necessary or ignore their financial obligations if unable to purchase alcohol. If the person runs out of cash, they can visit a friend and drink any alcohol available in the house.

Final Words

Maybe these signs sound familiar about the person you’re dating. If so, it means you’re in a relationship with a budding alcoholic. The best thing you can do right now is convincing them to seek alcoholic help. However, take the time to learn more about alcoholism and the best ways to approach a person struggling with a drinking problem. That way, you can avoid enabling their drinking habit or even ruining your relationship.