Ideas to Boost Your Instagram Presence

Ideas to Boost Your Instagram Presence
Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

Instagram is where your current and future consumers hang out. For many businesses, there are advantages to having a strong Instagram presence. But it’s not easy today to get followers on this big social media platform.

Thus, we are going to take about some strategies for you to increase your Instagram following. Do not get us wrong. We do not suggest you buy Instagram followers or likes as it may hurt your account if you get a lot of fake followers. All tips below are for you to originally grow your Instagram presence or even get more Instagram followers for free

Now let’s go.

Create a Theme for Your Instagram Feed

Make sure your writing has a consistent tone and feel. It's a good idea to choose an Instagram feed theme that will draw attention to your account and encourage users to follow you.

Themes for Instagram feeds to enhance your 9-grid feed's aesthetic appeal, which in turn encourages others to follow your account. Your specialization should obviously be relevant when choosing a theme.

Show Your Social Proof

Adding social proof to your Instagram bio is a quick and easy method to increase your brand's credibility. Use it in your bio description and even generate custom hashtags for use in your bio and on your own social media accounts.

As soon as someone follows your account, they'll see this as their initial impression. It is also the only link that may be shown on Instagram and is clickable. By showcasing other people's success, you'll increase the number of people who become fans and, ultimately, consumers.

Pay Attention to Reels

There's no better method than using Instagram reels. They're a sure-fire method to become well-known on Instagram by generating a large number of views, likes, and followers. What's the point then?

Instagram's newest feature, Stories, has taken the site by storm, with daily posts from artists and marketers featuring humorous, beautiful, and educational material.

Instagram reels are practically the same as TikTok short videos, only they're shown within the Instagram app. Reels are ideal for Instagram because of the high level of interaction they generate, which is the platform's primary indicator for success. When people share your reels, they go viral, giving you an easy way to gain free Instagram followers.

Do Not Exaggerate Your Accomplishments

Say, you've been recognized with an honor. I think you should write about it. Just make sure you don't simply publish praise, certificates, and reviews. In a similar vein, avoid droning on about your product or service and why it's great. Spend as little time as possible on it.

People aren't only following your Instagram account because of the advertising material you post. A human face is what they're looking for, whether it's you personally or your business as a whole. They desire both creative inspiration and amusement.

Be Consistent in Your Posting

It's possible we've identified the cause of your low Instagram follower count if you only post once or twice a week. New Instagram users will keep coming back to your profile if you make frequent postings. If you don't provide high-quality material on a regular basis, your audience will lose interest.

Even whether your postings are exceptional or infrequent, you'll discover that some of your fans will get impatient or bored as they wait for you to publish. Try to set a timetable for your posts if you must, and then keep to it so that your fans will know when to check back for fresh content. However, avoid posting too frequently or with subpar content to avoid losing followers.

Give Something Back And Become A Follower

If you want more followers, don't merely follow other people's accounts and wait for them to start following you back. It's a great method for them to become aware of your presence because your account will appear in their alerts.

Of course, you have the option to unfollow them at a later time, but be aware that if they discover your move, they may well return the favor. This is very fair if you want free Instagram likes or followers, then you need to become a follower or like others’ posts at first.

Feature User-Generated Content

People are more likely to engage with your brand if they feel like you recognize them. What gives you that ability? By selecting and showcasing the work of your target audience! According to Instagram's second annual Intelligence Report, user-generated content improves conversions by 4.5 percent. When the user engages with the post, this percentage rises to 9.6%.

Showing your followers in your feed is a smart approach that not only improves your content strategy but also demonstrates to your audience how much you value and appreciate them. Because of this, your brand and customers develop a strong bond, which leads to increased sales and customer loyalty.

Use Right Hashtags

Lack of relevant hashtags in the profile area and posts will prevent new users from discovering your Instagram channel. You may make your Instagram photos and profile more visible by using hashtags. So I attempt to pick hashtags that are both relevant and popular.

You'd have to do some homework to pick the best hashtags for your post. Look at what other Instagram channels in your field are posting. You may make use of their pertinent hashtags, as well as a few of your own. It's best to either include the brand name or your specialization when coming up with a unique hashtag for your business. A powerful hashtag must be related to a certain event, topic, campaign, community, business, product, way of life, or place.

Post a Minimum of Three Opinions

When it comes to growing a following, I prefer to go on the attack. If you don't already have a following, it's up to you to make the initial move. Look through the photographs of the individuals you follow, select three, and write comments on them.

When commenting, avoid using cliches such as "great picture!" instead of something original that demonstrates thinking and consideration. This will place you in the public eye and perhaps lead to a reciprocal engagement.


While following these pointers can help you expand your Instagram following, like with any other social media marketing approach, it's crucial to be consistent with your efforts. Finally, remember that Instagram success is only possible if you provide your followers a wonderful experience. Make them pleased, and you'll find that your passive customers start to become enthusiastic brand champions!