Why Am I So Attached To My Teddy Bear?

Why Am I So Attached To My Teddy Bear?

Teddy bears are the sweetest gifts one can give to their loved ones. Not only do they make the best sleeping partners, but they are also the perfect companions. Be it, adults or children, everyone loves a sweet fluffy teddy bear. However, some adults tend to get emotionally and overly attached to their teddy bears. While many consider it to be abnormal, it is perfectly natural and has a sound explanation behind it.

If you, too, are attached to your teddy and are looking for explanations behind the reason for your attachment, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will walk you through the psychology and the reasons why you might be attached to your teddy bear.

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Reasons Why You Can Be Attached To Your Teddy Bear

According to studies, there are mainly three reasons why one can form attachments with their teddy. These reasons are -

  1. It reminded them of an easier, simpler time when they were content and happy.
  2. It was a special gift from someone, which leads the recipient to be emotionally attached to them.
  3. One likes to sleep with their teddy bear.  

One might be attached to their teddy bear as it symbolises their childhood - a happy memory to relive. They can also be attached to their fluffy friend as they might be a special gift from someone, which significantly enhances their emotional value. Or they might simply like to cuddle with their fluffy friend at night. 

The psychology behind the attachment is explained below. 

Psychology Behind The Attachment 

The psychology behind one’s attachment with their teddy bear can either stem from a simple emotional attachment they formed with their childhood teddy friend or can be due to anxiety or stress. 

Most adults love their teddy bears out of nostalgia. Studies show that almost every adult is attached to something from their past - something that reminds them of happier and simpler times. Thus, they tend to get attached to their teddy bears, something that reminds them of a happy, easy childhood. 

Many adults also regard their teddy bears as their childhood best friends and thus cannot let go of them. This is because these adults had probably gotten their first teddy, thought of them as their new best friends and formed deep emotional attachments with them. They had considered them to be their life-long companion, confided in them their deepest thoughts, forming intense connections. These connections have now let them to hold on to their teddies even when they have grown up.

On the other hand, adults who are facing a lot of stress and anxiety might get attached to their teddies as they find them to be a form of relief or safe harbour. Studies have shown that adults love having a fluffy teddy to cuddle with to relieve some stress or anxiety from their personal or professional life. Many have even confessed that they love cuddling their teddies as it allows them to fall asleep sooner. 

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Thus, we can conclude that it is perfectly normal to be attached to your cuddly teddy bear. There is nothing unnatural about it, and it is also a healthy habit of keeping a fluffy, cuddly friend around. We hope this article gave you an insight into the psychology behind your attachment with their teddy bear and helped you understand it better.