How to Copy Text from Android to PC or PC to Android Phone?

How to Copy Text from Android to PC or PC to Android Phone?
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For many individuals especially those who are in the writing or social media management fields. It is hard to transfer some written information from Android phone to Laptop or from PC to an Android smartphone. Even influencers and gamers sometimes have to transfer some written information from their mobile devices to computers and this becomes a hard task. To make it easy for everyone, we are here with a quick guide on how to copy and paste text from android to pc without using any kind of special tools. Actually, we are sharing with you more than one method, so you can pick the one you think is easier for you.

Let's read how you can copy any text from mobile to computer or vice versa:

Method #1. Using Email Client

If you are not interested in using any kind of third-party website or software or don't have that much time to check a website or install software and app, you are good to go with your email accounts.

Yes, you can simply use your email account (probably Gmail) for copy/pasting text from android to the laptop or from your laptop to android phone.

Follow simple steps:

  1. Mark and Copy the text on your Android smartphone (from a website, a tweet, or whatever you are looking to copy)
  2. Open your Gmail app on your android phone and Compose a new email
  3. Click on Compose email box and paste your copied text
  4. It will save the email thread as drafts (make sure it saves the email as drafts)
  5. Go to your Laptop screen, open the same Gmail account you used for drafting the email on your android
  6. Go to Drafts from the left sidebar of Gmail menus and open that draft email
  7. Now you will be able to see that copy+pasted text and you can now copy it on your laptop
That's it. This is how you can use Gmail for copy pasting text from android to pc or pc to android without using any third-party software or app and all of this for free.

NOTE: You can perform a quick Google search for downloading the mentioned software and apps.

Method #2. Using ClipSync Apps

If you do it on a daily basis and need a proper solution for copying and pasting texts from android to pc and pc to android, you can use a software called ClipSync that enables you to easily press Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy from android and paste in your pc or vice versa.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Download and install the ClipSync Desktop Server on your Windows PC
  2. Download and install the ClipSync app on your Android phone too
  3. Go to your PC, open the desktop server and allow it to run
  4. Open the mobile app and tap on Connect to New Server
  5. Tap your PC name once it appears and ClipSync will be connected to your computer
That's how you make it ready for copy and pasting. Now you can easily long press any text on your Android phone and copy then press Ctrl+v on your PC to paste it.

Method #3. Using Your Phone App on Windows PC

Microsoft is not coming slow, as you can find an app in your Windows-powered PC (for Windows 10/11) that is able to connect your Android phone with your PC. For now, only Samsung Android phones and Surface Duo can connect to your PC via Your Phone app available to all Windows users.

Here's how to use it for copy/pasting text between android and pc:

  1. Check if you have Your Phone app installed on your PC already (if not Install it from Windows App Store)
  2. Now download and install it on your Android smartphone too
  3. Now open the Your Phone app on your Windows PC/Laptop
  4. On the Your Phone app click on Settings and select Features
  5. Enable the toggle for Cross-device Copy and Paste option
  6. Using your Android device (probably a Samsung phone) long press and copy any text you want
  7. Open notepad and press CTRL+V to paste that copied text from Android to PC

That's it and if you are wishing to copy text from PC to Android, you can simply copy text on your PC by selecting it and pressing CTRL+C then going to a text box or message text box and pressing long then tapping paste on your android device.

So, these are the super-3 methods to quickly and easily copy and paste text between android devices and computers. We described the tutorials for Android devices and Windows-powered computers. If you need more help for copy/pasting text from android to pc, we are here to help you.

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