6 Thoughtful Ways Of Appreciating Employees Other Than A Plain Verbal "Thank You"

6 Thoughtful Ways Of Appreciating Employees Other Than A Plain Verbal "Thank You"
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The employees at your firm need appreciation and recognition to feel motivated and to keep working with hard work.

Words of appreciation may sound sufficient to you, but for once, instead of thinking like a CEO, imagine yourself to be at the feet of a hardworking employee. Wouldn't you want to be appreciated with more than just the words?

Of course, you would!

We have made a list of thoughtful ways of appreciating your employees' efforts, which will improve your engagement with them, increase the company's retention rate, and boost your workforce's morales.

Have A Rotating Trophy

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Having a post for the employee of the month leads to productive and healthy competition within the company. For an employee who shows exemplified work ethics and professionalism, one such trophy would do justice to their efforts and be an ideal source of appreciation.

Each month this trophy should be given to the next employee of the month. Have an audience when the award is distributed so that the employee feels validated in front of his peers.

The trophy need not be anything pricy but should hold a sentimental value among the employees. Therefore, it will be more valued, and everyone will make an effort to get their hands on it.

Appreciate Employees On Different Platforms

Going wider while appreciating the employees will only yield positive results. If an employee of one department of the firm deserves appreciation, instead of praising his work within his team or department, take it to the whole company-wide.

Let every employee at the company know you appreciate hard work. Moreover, it will be ideal if you show your support to the staff member on your official website, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin as well.

Take a picture with the particular staff member and hang it on the firm's hall of fame wall. Upload it on social media to give them extra validation.

Recognize employee efforts by giving them gifts

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No matter if it is a special occasion or just a random day of the week. An employee would always love getting a gift from his employer for all the hard work he puts into taking the company forward.

Think about Thanksgiving or Christmas gift ideas for hardworking employees and show them that you value their presence in the firm. You don't have to spend a fortune on gifts; a worth reading book, some cool shades, or a book holder can be an excellent choice of gifts. 

Spontaneous Treats

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Praising the hard work does not only have to be when your firm grabs a big client, earns a huge profit, or solves an everlasting bug in your firm's website. Spontaneous treats in the form of surprise treat breaks are creative ways to show appreciation.

Bring doughnuts, coffee, bagels, waffles, or drinks for your employees once in a while to show them that their hard work is not going unnoticed.

A small motivational talk while devouring these treats with the employees will make you approachable, and they will be inspired to work even harder than before.

Paid Vacations

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The coolest and most appreciated way of praising a hardworking employee is by giving him/her paid leaves.

A persistent staff member will feel motivated to work even more consistently if his efforts are acknowledged and are offered paid holidays as a reward. He will be able to utilize this time for recreational purposes or relax and regain his strength to come back to work with more provocation. 

A suite booking, tickets to the game or cinema are excellent ideas for a cherry on the top of paid holidays.

Throw Surprise Birthday Parties

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Your office should be like a home to the employees. Every staff member must feel like family towards each other. It will ensure that envy and meanness stay out of the work environment, and everyone supports each other.

To build a family-oriented environment, celebrating the birthdays of employees is an excellent way. While hiring employees, they fill the biodata form, record everyone's birthday from those and throw them surprise birthday parties.

It will make them realize their importance to the firm, and your acknowledgment of them as an asset to the company will motivate them to be more steadfast in achieving their work-related goals.

Bottom Line

Employees are not robots; they yearn for appreciation from their superiors. If you are a CEO of an established company and have several employees working under you, praising their efforts will benefit the business.

If you want to go beyond a mere thank you in appreciating the hard work of the staff members, opt from the above-mentioned thoughtful ways of valuing your employees. Bringing eatables for the workforce, throwing birthday parties, and surprising with gifts and flowers are distinctive ways of cherishing the employees. Sending fresh flowers to your employees to appreciate their efforts with Lillypad Flowers is a refreshing experience through reliable flower delivery services in Melbourne.