How to Stay Motivated at Work

Today I was wondering how people are working online and offline without taking breaks and how they are getting motivation to work that much, then I found an article about how to stay motivated at work when we are at home worker or working as an employee.

After reading that article I have done some research and read more articles about this topic to gain more knowledge which I can share with you.

However I was wondering what to write about today and found that I should write about this topic so that my readers will be able to work for more hours and I can write a new blog post to update my blog.
How to Stay Motivated at Work

As I am working online in my home and I think there are many distractions we have to face in our homes, just because their is family and they want us to interact with them and do participate in the daily routines.

However we can't just leave the family and lock ourselves in our rooms, we have to share some time with them and have more time to work online.

So to manage your time and manage your blogs or the online work you do, I have these basic and best ever tips on how to stay motivated while working at home or even when you are an under boss employee:

1. Accept the Failure

Accepting your failures can lead you to accept the reality that nobody is perfect, every person or even animal living on the earth do mistakes and rather than regretting those mistakes we should stand towards them and do what can make us wonderful and more powerful.

By the topic of staying motivated at work I mean to say that we should accept that we can't really do too much of work like when we are doing a 9 to 5 job and working from first to last hour than how we can do this on daily basis?

Its probably not possible and that's why Google installed gaming zones in its headquarters and the other thing is how we can stay motivated when working online at home?

The answer is we should accept that family matters and when we have to work we should do it with accepting minor failures and mistakes like not complete the task at right time and than completing two tasks at the same time. It happens and it happens to me too.

As we all are humans and we have to interact with out family members so it can be a happy moment when some of the work is in progress and we left because of the family than work on it again by accepting that everything should be in control which is not possible.

So all you have to do is just accept your failures and mistakes on daily basis and try to re-fix them in a timely manners.

2. The Why

There is a WHY in everything you do from offline to online work, and if you can answer to your why than you can easily be motivated at work.

There are some Whys which you should answer on daily basis to stay motivated:
  • Why I can't work
  • Why I am not starting the task
  • Why I started this work
  • Why I should work now
And you can think your own original questions to answer and then get motivated. Because when you will successfully answer these questions you will be able to easily get the work force under your mind and you will start working.

I also recommend you to print out some of your questions with answers highlighted and put them at your desk and hang that prints at your walls so that you can easily know your why and get motivated at work plus don't forget to read motivational quotes.

3. Take Short Breaks

Taking short breaks will be your short commercial break, yes you can see yourself as a video channel and take some short commercial breaks from your routine work to be fresh and make more money.

As if you are working at home and want yourself to done more work than these short breaks can leave you a healthy life style and more will-power.

How? Because there is a way to drink plenty of water, eat something or say a joke to your family members than after 5 or 10 minutes again go to your home office and work for another hour. This way you can easily give time to your family and still work for more hours.

Same applies to work under your boss.

As when you are at a 9 to 5 job and your boss is really strict you can just take short breaks from the work for going to the bath, washing hands or just saying some greetings to your boss about the new events. You can also take short breaks when working under boss by doing your work quickly and than take rest as by asking your boss that there is no work for you.

So that way you will defiantly receive promotion in near future.

4. To-Do List

This is the most advanced and the most old way to work on a timely manners and don't forget any type of task. You can just create a list of daily routine tasks and add the extra tasks too.

As today we have smartphones and there are so many calendar and work related applications which can assist us for creating to do list and scheduling the alarms for us. You can use any of the basic calendar app in your mobile or desktop device or just note down the list on a paper and have it in your wallet so whenever you will open the wallet (which you will do by morning times) you will know what to do today and when to do.

It will surely help you to organize your daily tasks and complete them in their times so you can easily take rest and be motivated at work.
I made a huge to do list for today. I just can't figure out who's going to do it. - anonymous
 So just make them simple and short, don't put useless and not necessary things in the to-do list.

5. Set Goals

If you are a work at home mom or a 9 to 5 job holder man than you should set the goals which you are going to achieve everyday. Even with every other job like if you are the CEO of an company I recommend that you should set flexible and achievable goals.

Same as a to-do list, write what are the tasks you should complete in a time so that it will be your success factor for your client or your own work or happiness of your boss. You can just create some notes and put them on your desktop or work desk and write what are your goals and when you should achieve them in every situation.

This will make you energetic every time you read that notes, so that you will be able to work more harder and try to achieve that easy goals.

There's another catch here, don't set goals which you can't really achieve like setting a goal of earning $20,000 per month when your earning or salary is $1000 per month is worst and unethical.

We should set goals like when we are getting paid with $1000 per month we should set the goal of earning $1200 next month and after achieving it we can raise the numbers.

6. Reward Yourself

This is something you can call like "I invest in my self". All you have to do is just set some rewards for small tasks like for an example:
  • You have to write a research paper and your time is 3 days, you can set the deadline to 2 days and set the reward for yourself like if you complete the research paper writing
  • In 2 days you will eat chicken pizza in a five start hotel and when you complete it in 3 days you will eat regular food at home.
These type of small rewards will give you the strength and the electric-power-to-do-work before the deadlines. So try this and have a great happy work day and month. This is also a success factor for improving team dynamics at work.

These are the very basic and most working methods to help you know how to stay motivated at work when you are doing it offline or online.

So if you want more helpful tips for your business and job then stay connected and don't forget to share this article with your colleagues and friends.