A Beginner's Guide to Guest Blogging

If you want to get more out of your blog and online business website then the guest blog post technique is the key to getting a targeted audience and clients to your business blog or website. As you know that guest bloggers are writing content for many big brands and they stick to their industries for better outcomes of doing guest posting.

With guest blogging, we can easily increase traffic to our sites and have more people read what we have to say and buy what we are offering. It's a simple myth, content writers pitch a guest blog post contribution query and blog owners accept them, now they write articles and send them to the blog owners to receive a backlink to the guest blogger's website or blog.

Through this, they can easily brand their blog name or their personal names and get higher rankings in Google. Some quality blogs also charge for posting on them and that's how we can ensure that our article is published on a quality blog (however, there is a long walk for this).

A Beginner's Guide to Guest Blogs

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogs or guest posting and Guest blogging, it's the same thing. Many professional and newbie bloggers and some content marketers are doing this to easily increase the search engine appearance. Read a simple bullet point list to understand what is guest blogging:
  • You want more rankings and authority
  • Others have that authority and when you can get linked with them you can boost your authority
  • Linking to other blogs is not easy, nobody wants to give you a link when you are not giving them anything
  • So that you can be the guest blogger and give them quality content
  • In return, they will allow you to have a do-follow backlink in each article you publish on their blogs
Thus you can give quality content and get backlinks. That's how guest blogging works.

How to Write a Guest Post

There is a criterion for every industry and we should create high quality content if we are not adding quality to our content then we are not going to get more eyeballs or big blogs will not accept our guest posts. So the be a successful guest blogger always try to create unique blog post titles and have a great piece of content written for the particular topic. You can also read this checklist of quality guest blogging:
  • Make sure you have a new relative topic
  • Always do write in-depth and informative guest blog posts
  • Add resource links and informative links to other well-known sites
  • Add headings and bullet points with some case study insides so it will be more informative
Don't forget that you should have your bio written at the end of each guest blog post you are publishing on any of your selected blogs. Add your social profile link and personal blog link in that author bio with some information about what you do and in which industry you are an expert it will also help you to rank your blog and your name higher in Serps.

How to Become a Guest Blogger

Impossible (I Am Possible). Yes, the word itself says that I-Am-Possible. Don't worry if you are not famous and new to the blogging arena. You can be the starter guesbenefits guest bloggingt blogger in some time. You should start small and try to publish guest posts on small blogs so benefits guest blogging. It will increase your name as brand points and you can then slowly move your guest blog technique to the next level. However, to be a guest blogger you should read these tips:
  • Create your own blog and update it with quality content
  • After making your blog an information desk research related blogs
  • Now after finding relative blogs, ask their owners to check your blog and if they allow guest posts
You can also search for guest post opportunities by searching on Google with strings like - health "write for us" and Finance "submit guest post". These strings will provide you a list of quality blogs where you can ask for your guest contribution, but having a sample work is necessary so make sure that your blog is of quality. As you will need to represent your blog to that big blog owners, so they will get inspired by your writing and offer you to publish your guest blog posts for free.

After you have a list of relative blogs which are accepting guest posts now it's time to send the first query to all of that blog owners. Write your brief bio and tell them about your expertise with your niche. Tell them about your blog and the skills you have. Request them to accept you as a guest blogger on their blogs and commit that you will write only quality content for a do-follow backlink to your blog.

Don't trick

Some people do try, and they end up having a blog with thousands of backlinks but no traffic. It's a matter of quality.

Don't try to trick search engines and don't get fooled. If you are thinking that you can create some web 2.0 blogs and add junk blog posts there with backlinks to your blog then it's a fail.

Be brave and always guest post on quality blogs with quality content. For more information comment and we will answer your questions.