Importance of NCERT Class 11 English Book

Importance of NCERT Class 11 English Book
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If you want to score well in your class 11 English exam, all you need is your NCERT book. Yes, none of those thick and heavy reference books are required for you to clear your English exam in class 11. Your cheap, easily available NCERT class 11 English book is full of all the knowledge that you will need to perform well. NCERT books are usually written in simple language so that the students can grasp the concept easily. NCERT books aim at clearing the fundamentals of every topic in a way that the student does not face any issue when he or she attempts to get a deeper understanding of the topic. 

The NCERT class 11 English book, hornbill, contains beautiful prose and poems, it also includes several activities and questions that you can practice to improve your understanding of the content. 

One of the best things about class 11 hornbill is that it is exclusive of Indian authors, oftentimes, we only read stories that are written by non-Indian writers. It is important to read the work written by our own country’s authors as their work helps us in understanding our own cultures and history in a better and fun way. 

The first lesson in the book, ‘the portrait of an old lady, is written by an Indian author. They are also composed of several stories and poems which highlight the value of family. The lessons like ‘we’re not afraid to die….f we can be together', poems like ‘childhood’, ‘father to son’ highlight a very important aspect of life, that is family. Reading these stories and poems helps you in generating the kind of emotional intelligence which is necessary to learn while growing up. 

Apart from the moral and interest value that the book provides, it is also extremely helpful for succeeding in your school exams. The book contains stories and poems which are meaningful yet fairly easy to understand. Every chapter includes a bunch of words with their meaning which helps us in learning and understanding. 

The book also contains valuable lessons that talk about the history of the world, these lessons are extremely knowledgeable. The Lesson ‘‘discovering tut’ is very interesting and insightful and talks about a historically significant topic in a fun and easy to understand way. 

Another factor to note about the book is how it includes a lot of stories and poems about the environment as well. In today’s time, when climate change and global warming are affecting every single person, it is important to be aware and alert about the significance of nature in our lives. The lesson ‘Ailing planet: the green movement’s role’, talks about the frozen continent of our planet and the various life forms that exist there. It is truly interesting to read lessons like this. Poems like ‘the laburnum tree’, ‘voice of the rain’ also help in depicting the beautiful side of nature. Stories and poems like these help students in feeling motivated to save the planet from being destroyed.

Hence, this book doesn’t just help you in your exams but also in life, it just doesn’t make you a better student in class but instead, it makes you a better person in life. 

At the end of every lesson, there is a list of questions to attempt, this includes short answer questions as well as long answer questions, you should always attempt to answer all of those questions with details. When you practice answering those questions, it helps you in revisiting and revising all that you have read, this increases your chances of performing better in your final exam. 

There are questions at the end of every poem as well, these questions are formed in a way that they give you the chance to understand what the poet or the poetess meant to convey, and at the same time, it gives you a chance to interpret the meaning of what is written in your way as well. It is more important to attempt the questions at the end of the poems as they will help you in understanding the meaning of the poems. 

The books are written in a language that is easy to understand, and does not confuse anyone by using high-level vocabulary. Moreover, the class 11 English NCERT book is based on the Central Board of Secondary Education’s curriculum, hence, they are used in different schools across the county. This helps in maintaining a sense of the standard of teaching and test conducting. Getting used to the pattern of the NCERT book in the eleventh grade is important as you will be appearing for your board exams in your twelfth grade, where all the syllabus would be based on the lessons in your eleventh-grade book.  

You can read the stories and the poems in your NCERT English book before they are taught by the teacher. The stories are so interesting that you would not feel like you are studying, rather you would be deeply engrossed in whatever is written. Reading the content before it is taught in class has a lot of benefits. Since you already know the story, you can participate in class and answer the teacher’s questions quickly. Reading the poems before they are taught will prove to be interesting as well, reading before the class will help you in understanding the meaning. 

Other than that, you can ask your teachers to conduct interesting group activities to understand the content. These activities could be in a group or even individually. You can all try to enact one of the stories from the book or try to recite the poem engagingly. The teacher can ask different students to find the meanings of the different paragraphs of a poem. By using these methods, understanding the content, or even learning it can be quiet.

The class 11 English NCERT book is extremely beneficial for every single student, it’s important to use it properly and avail all that it has to offer.