Smart Strategies to Crack NEET Exam

Smart Strategies to Crack NEET Exam
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The National Eligibility Entrance Test, recognized as NEET, is the examination to qualify for admission in Medical and Dental Colleges for the courses like MBBS, BDS, etc., in India. Previously, it was known as the All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT). Every year, the test is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). 

About NEET exam

NEET exams are one of the tough competitive exams in India and are held every year in offline mode. The exams are conducted in around 11 different languages. The time period for the examination is three hours. There are 180 questions each for 4 marks with 720 as total marks. It consists of a negative marking of -1 mark with every one wrong answer. 

Eligibility for NEET Examination

The student should have Physics, Chemistry, and Biology subjects in their 10th and 12th standard and successfully pass out. Candidates should have completed 17 years, and there is no maximum age limit for applying NEET 2021. There is no limit for attempts for NEET exams. Indian as well as Foreign aspirants and students are eligible for this examination. The required HSC percentile according to the categories is as follows: 

  • General- 50%
  • OBC/SC/ST- 40%
  • PWD- 45%

Some smart Strategies to score good marks in NEET examinations 

Firstly, keep in mind that cracking NEET will not happen even though you study for 9-10 hours a day. The thing lacking is concentration. Just read for 4-5 hours but with total concentration so that you will not forget the concepts. So, instead of grunt work, you must work smartly to crack NEET. You have to be consistent with your work, along with hard work and determination. Studying for NEET requires proper planning and execution of the same. Here are enlisted 8 strategies that would help you to secure good marks. 

1. Prepare a planner or schedule

Make a planner of your everyday activities and allow the necessary time for them. Planning right away from your studies to sleep time will help you to keep the focus on your goals. Make sure to abide by the schedule that you prepare for the examinations. Along with your schedule, prepare a separate smart planner for your studies. Allot the time according to your difficulty level of the subject. Avoid ignoring the schedule and piling tasks for the future. These are the best ways to prepare for NEET:

·    Take proper sleep

·    Set your priorities of various subjects

·    Prepare according to the calendar 

2. Know your syllabus well!

The syllabus of NEET is huge, and it requires a lot of time to prepare. Some students miss some syllabus before the exams, so to avoid this, one should make a proper timetable. Most of the part of the NEET syllabus is taken from NCERT books, so study the topic from NCERT books and 11th, 12th standard textbooks. Prepare the important topics neatly from the syllabus. 

3. Choose the right study material

It plays an important role in the preparation of NEET examinations. Take reference to the previous 10 years’ exam papers and solve them. You can refer to the NEET 2022 Question Papers for practice. You can also take the help of the students who successfully passed out and also watch the interviews of candidates appearing for NEET exams. 

4. Keep a habit of preparing notes while studying 

Making notes while studying helps to memorize things faster. Write in short about the important points which will help you to remember the topic studied earlier. Highlight the main points from the books you are studying from, revising them later on. Sometimes, notes are also useful for your further studies in the future. 

5. Revision is the key!

Revision is a crucial step in the preparation of any examinations. You can’t skip a topic/chapter/subject even though you have well-known the topic well and mastered it. While revising the topic, focus on the important and weak points of yours. Revise the formulas, derivations, and equations regularly. Frequently visit through the important reactions, mechanisms, and laws. 

6. A healthy diet is a must!

The candidates should maintain a healthy diet for physical and mental fitness. Eat green leafy vegetables, fruits, and dry fruits to maintain good health. Avoid eating oily, spicy, and junk foods. Don’t let your health issues bother the opportunity between you and your dreams. Along with a healthy diet, it is recommended to exercise regularly. It will boost your confidence and mental health. 

7. Practice previous years question sets

The difficulty level of NEET examinations is considered from tough to moderate level. Solving the mock tests will help you improve your test-giving skills. Your time management skills will also help you to boost the confidence within you. Understand and analyze the type of questions asked in the previous years’ question paper. 

8. Take breaks between your studies

Science has proven that studying for a longer time will make you feel sleepy, and your concentration level will gradually decrease. Taking breaks in between your studies will make your mind fresh, and you can continue studying further without laziness. 

These were some of the strategies that you may hear from many people, but to be honest, have you implemented them in your daily routine? If not, then what are you waiting for? Success is not something that you would get in some hours or days. You need to work very hard to achieve the goals you have desired for then you can succeed in your life. It’s not enough to have all the necessary materials required for the study. As NEET requires a lot of time and a focused attitude, one must stay self-motivated and not lose confidence within themselves.   


We got to know about NEET examinations, their eligibility criteria and suggested some tips and tricks to help you prepare for this competitive examination. NCERT books are the best source where you can get all the necessary chapters and topics in one book so that you don’t have to search for materials. All the best for your NEET examinations, and  hope you succeed!