What Are the Important Things to Include in a Blog?

What Are the Important Things to Include in a Blog?
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Blogging is one of the best ways to have a voice and let the world read and know your thoughts. It's not just about sharing your thoughts, it's more than having an online identity. You can make money with blogging, increase personal branding and even write blogs about your business to capture more leads and eventually increase your sales just by writing about what you love on your blog.

As there are many common questions regarding blogging are being asked by every newbie blogger, we are going to talk about "What are the things to include in a blog" and we will add only those which are important for every blog to make sure your readers love your blog posts. Let's read:

1. Slogan and Description

When you have a blog and I am supposing you have one. You should choose its slogan or create one by thinking about your goals with this blog. You should also write a compelling description for your blog and share what it is all about.

People should understand what your blog is all about by reading your blog's slogan or description. These are the two most important things to include in a blog and every blog should have these two main things live on every page and article of the blog. You can add a slogan in the main blog title and description at the footer widgets.

2. Logo and Theme's Colors

After putting a slogan and description, the next important thing to include in your blog is changing or arranging the colors of your blog's theme with your logo.

Yes, your logo and theme's colors should represent your color combinations and help the reader to understand your blog posts with enjoying a friendly user experience. Just think about some of the large publications, they mostly use a black logo and a black+white theme for their websites. This is the common way to let the readers focus on their reading and not just on the looks of the blog.

3. Vast Content

We hear a hoax that having one or a hundred blog posts have nothing to do with blog traffic and all its matters is the quality content. This statement is right to a level and wrong in many ways. Not all niches are conquerable with a few blog posts. Sometimes we have to create a hundred blog posts about just one category of various topics to cover a small portion of the target audience.

This applies to most of the businesses and services out there. So, don't buy that joker's hat here and go for publishing at least 2/3 blog posts every week and if you can, post on a daily basis, or if you are too busy, you can open the guest posting opportunities and publish content written by other content marketers. This will help you build vast content and engage your audience.

4. Important Pages

Many blogs lack an important feature and its "Important Pages". Yes, there are a few most important pages that you should create for your blog and publish them too. Here's a list of them:

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Advertise with Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions

And if you are doing something special, you should create a page for that too.

5. Main Menu and Social Links

Every blog should have a main menu at the upper portion of the layout and with that, every blog should show a link list for social media profile links.

This is another important thing to consider and have in mind while installing a new theme on your blog or customizing the current one. You should always show the main menu having categories and important pages links with social profile links also on your blog's homepage, blog posts, and other pages.


Now you know what are the important things to include in a blog and what are the things that every blog should have.

If you are still not understanding the answer to this common blogging question, you can say your words in the comments form which you can see right below.