Benefits of Time Tracking for Business and Personal Use in 2023

Benefits of Time Tracking for Business and Personal Use in 2023
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Nowadays we live in a world where everyone is in a constant rush to perform better, achieve higher and succeed sooner. And for that exact purpose people are searching for new solutions that would help them on their way. One interesting fact about this is that it is true both on a business and personal level. Businesses are included to reach faster growth and higher profitability meanwhile individuals are interested in professional development that would eventually result in increased income. But how can one accomplish that?

This question implies a long answer as it can include a combination of different techniques and methodologies, but we would draw attention to the technological solutions that serve as a helping hand.

While talking about technological solutions we want to put a particular emphasis on time tracking software as it plays an essential role in increasing productivity. 

What Is a Time Tracker? 

Time tracking software is an automated tool that records working hours and provides accurate data about how long it takes to complete a specific project or task. It allows you to compare the time spent on delivering different projects to make better decisions with improved time management. But it is not limited to only that, you can also track project budget by managing the continuous costs associated with it. This can also include payroll as many employees are working on an hourly basis and tracking their working hours will automatically generate the payable amount. 

About WebWork Time Tracker 

WebWork Time Tracker is an easy-to-use time tracking and employee monitoring software that helps businesses, freelancers and remote teams to increase their productivity based on powerful analytics. It has a wide range of features that are aimed at facilitating numerous workplace operations. For example it automates repetitive processes so that employees will not worry about such routine tasks and will concentrate on the work that matters. We present the main features with details and specifications for each of them below. Features: 

Time tracking with screenshots: WebWork Time Tracker offers 4 types of screenshots to help you gain more visibility and have better control of your workforce. They are the following: screenshot mode, background mode, no screenshot mode and blurred screenshot mode. You can choose the one that meets your team’s needs and preferences better. 

Attendance monitoring: WebWork Tracker automates the process of check in and check out of working time so that there is no need to worry about inputting in manually. It also allows managers to view who left early and who came late to have a more comprehensive understanding. 

Apps and websites usage: Viewing the list of the frequently visited apps and websites will help the owner and managers to have an overall understanding of how productive are his/her employees. They can easily identify the destructive apps/websites and see how much time employees spend on them. 

Task management system: You can have a thorough view of all your projects starting from the beginning phase till the final delivery and make sure that your team meets the deadlines. It allows you to attach files, write comments, follow the due dates, add subtasks and much more in one central place. 

Billable hours and invoices: Having accurately reflected salary can be a concern of many employees and WebWork Time Tracker takes care of that with this feature. The owner or executive manager can specify an hourly rate in the billable contract to automatically generate the amount to pay which will eliminate any man-made errors. 

How WebWork Time Tracker Can Help To Increase Productivity? 

WebWork Time Tracker has a wide range of productivity boosting features that give valuable insights about workplace operations and employees’ performance. It generates all that data into real-time reports to give you an instant view of the work done. As they are presented on visual charts, graphs and tables you can review and analyze them easier.  Now let’s look at how this is applicable for businesses and personal use. 

For Businesses 

WebWork Time Tracker streamlines a number of operations to ensure a well-structured and smooth business environment. It provides you with real-time information about the company's well-doing thus allowing you to make data-driven decisions. You can monitor your employees to get powerful insights about how productive they work. And you can no longer worry about how to manage employees remotely because with WebWork Tracker you will be in full control of your workforce. 

You can classify the apps and websites as productive, non-productive and neutral for each team respectively and the software will calculate productivity score for each team member  based on that. It will also send alerts for using non-productive apps/websites to help them improve their focus and thus increase productivity. 

As punctuality is the basis of productivity, the tracker allows owners to set up alerts for leaving work early and arriving late. Employees will be asked to write a small description of why they came later than the scheduled work time and why they left earlier. This will increase their sense of responsibility which in turn will result in greater efficiency. 

It gives you powerful insights about the company’s well-doing thus allowing you to be on a  continuous cycle of growth. 

For Personal Use 

Individuals can track their work-related activities to become more self-organized and boost their productivity based on intelligent analysis of data. They can view the time of starting and finishing their work, their activity level, the apps and websites they visit and so on. All of this helps them to be on a continuous cycle of professional development. They can keep track of their progress and analyze it with statistical data to make conclusions about further improvements. 

Keeping up with the due dates is made easier with a user-friendly task management system that has detailed specifications about each task. Individuals can view how long it took to accomplish a specific task and can improve their time management and other work-related skills later on.