Exciting Mobile App Design Ideas for iOS and Android

With each passing year, the mobile app landscape is changing significantly. Smartphones seem to penetrate our lives more densely than we ever imagined. Businesses of all sizes have started to realize the real worth of an effective mobile marketing campaign.

Exciting Mobile App Design Ideas for iOS and Android

With this, there is immense pressure on app developers to ideate a mobile app that helps a business to stay ahead of the curve. The competition is cut-throat; you must have an amazing mobile app development idea that can surely go viral. Let’s discuss some interesting and exciting app design ideas here. 

Virtual Interior Design Apps

The AI-powered virtual interior design app will assist users in furnishing and decorating their houses virtually. Capture a picture of your room and the app will help you add curtains, furniture, wall décor, flooring, and other interior design elements of your choice. You can change the colour of the walls or experiment with lights to look at what fits best. 

Event Planning Apps

Organizing an event includes many sub-tasks that need to be handled precisely. Having an event planning app can simplify numerous tasks for professional planners and event planning companies. Designing an event planning mobile app can be a great idea as it helps create to-do lists, develop schedules, manage guest lists, and much more. 

Budgeting Apps

By understanding your monthly and yearly budget, you can allocate your finances effectively while ensuring that you have the appropriate amount of money for buying essentials. A personal budgeting app that can record monthly salaries and monitor expenses can help customers in managing their financial spending and contribute more towards saving and investments.

Navigation App

If you’re planning to design mobile apps for commercial purposes, a navigation app can help. You can refine your design capabilities by selecting a more precise niche such as mall navigation or wonder park navigation apps. You can provide directions to different brands inside the mall, the way to the café or kids zone, and much more. 

Food Delivery App

Developing a food delivery app needs skills and expertise to create a comprehensive platform that allows users to order food, access restaurant menus, view restaurant location, get real-time insights into the location of delivery partners, and much more. Contact the best app design service near you, share your idea, and earn higher ROIs. 


Whatever mobile app design idea you have, make sure to analyse and understand your target audience. Address user difficulties and stay active on the latest design trends. All entrepreneurs can have the budget to develop an amazing app, but only a few of them have the right idea in mind. 

So, what are you waiting for? Share your idea with a reliable app design company and take your business to the next level.