Quick Factors to Consider for Mobile App Testing

Quick Factors to Consider for Mobile App Testing
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It is clear that mobile devices have seen an impressive uproar in terms of growth. Such a growth is significant in aspects encircling both usage and engagement. Smartphone users, as a whole, have incremented in a huge percentage from the last decade. 

Moreover, what may be considered as a phase shift is the entirety of movement of internet usage on the desktop to that of internet usage over mobile. You know what, as per the growth of mobile apps, the need for effective mobile app testing strategy and that of mobile testing service providers growing up day by day.

Importance of Effective Mobile Application Testing Strategy 

It is important for the following reasons:

  • Assists in revenue generation
  • Form up a unique brand identity 
  • Aids to improve user-experience
  • Lessens the risk
  • Win the satisfaction of customers 

With the increasing requirement to build a glitch-free website that goes on to functions, comes the requirement to testing it for responsive web design and that of even maintaining its quality assurance. However, as mobile testing for a website is somewhat still taking its baby steps it is much important to keep specific important factors in mind that actually form the crux of it.  

Strategy that can be used to Test New Mobile Apps 

There can be different strategies for testing apps, and a few are like:

  • Security testing
  • Browser compatibility
  • Device compatibility
  • Network compatibility
  • Cloud-based mobile application

In case you actually ask someone that how to test the mobile application in a manual way, you are going to get a variety of answers as per varied mobile application testing strategies and requirements of software QA engineer. But below are listed some quick tips that aid to overcome mobile application testing difficulties and challenges.

Security Testing

With the applications covering a huge aspect of the day-to-day functionality it turns out to be mandatory for the testers to make sure the security of the product. Mobile apps include a lot of sensitive information no matter it is personal photos, messages, bank details, even passwords, transaction details, and so on. With such essential information at stake, security is one of the main components of app testing.  At this stage make sure that your testing module actually fits to test the in-app permissions, that of Device ID, no of login attempts, that of even app certificates, and more to name a few.

Browser compatibility

Talking about mobile application testing concepts, before developing any particular mobile app, you should decide which devices your target prospect is going to be in abundance. It helps you in rolling out a designated set of metrics to examine during the testing procedure. 

This could differ from an XML HTTP request object to that of CSS support. Secondly, there must also be browser support as in the absence of the apt browser there could be a lot of glitches that may take place.


So, since you have a fair amount of idea about app testing and the factors to be considered, make sure that you invest in only quality continuous integration tools for the execution of tasks.