Top Four Considerations While Booking a Pet-Friendly Accommodation in Northumberland

Top Four Considerations While Booking a Pet-Friendly Accommodation in Northumberland
Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

People who treat their pets as babies have a tough time planning out holidays. Wondering why? Ask someone who loves to carry their pet everywhere they go, and you will get a long list of inconveniences and protocols that one faces while traveling with their fur babies. 

But all thanks to dog friendly cottages in Northumberland that have made things a lot easier for pet owners who cannot part with their four-legged babies while heading out for a trip. 

But how do you pick on a pet-friendly hotel? What are the things you need to consider while booking a hotel to build some travel memories with your furry buddies? Here we list down a few considerations that should be paid heed to while picking on a pet-friendly accommodation during your vacation:

Do your homework right

You may come across multiple pet-friendly hotels over the internet, but not every hotel can give your pooches a calming experience. Instead of booking a random hotel, research guest reviews and consult with people who have stayed there before to make an informed decision about which property to book.

After all, reading honest reviews can be a savior and is a thumb rule that you should consider swearing by while checking out pet-friendly hotels.

Look for a hotel that offers pet essentials

Traveling with a pet can be fussy and may require the owners to be particular about the needs of their pets. Carrying pet blankets, food, beddings can be quite a cumbersome task that also adds to the weight of your luggage, restricting you from traveling light.

Thus, look for accommodations that provide pet essentials to save yourself from the arduous task of carrying all the pet stuff while traveling. 

Ask for rooms with dog-friendly flooring

If your pets have a habit of scratching and nibbling anything that comes their way, booking one of those luxe rooms with beautiful carpets and wallpapers can end up in a nightmare. If at all your pets happen to have their gala time nibbling over the wallpapers and carpets, it’s enough to bring your hearts to your mouth thinking about the penalty you have to pay for the same. 

Hence, always ask for rooms that have pet-friendly floors so that you can prevent such a sight of an accident and clear up any mess with ease. 

Enquire about the number of pets allowed

If you have more than one dog and do not wish to leave any of them behind during a vacay, make sure that you check out with the hotel about the number of pets allowed in a room. The chances are that a few hotels may only allow one pet per room, and if you are traveling with two, you may end up facing inconveniences on your arrival. 

Also, let the staff know about the breed of dog you own and ensure whether they give a green flag to accommodating your fur babies along. 


These were a few handy tips that you should follow while picking on a pet-friendly hotel in Northumberland. What are you waiting for? If you are planning a travel itinerary with your pets sometime soon, do check out these tips for enjoying a stress-free staycation.