10 Must-Have CRM Features That Every Business Needs

10 Must-Have CRM Features That Every Business Needs

For many entrepreneurs, starting a firm is a huge accomplishment, but managing one is a harder task.

Every firm, no matter how large or small, encounters a number of similar obstacles. The survival rate of business in the world is very low, however for India the numbers are significantly shocking!

The basic problem that you face after setting up your businesses is making your customers reach your product. Now how do you do it? By creating a buzz about your product. Be it through blogs, advertisements, or digital marketing. The most important  point here is targeting the correct people.

So now how do we target who the correct people are? By running ads on Facebook, writing blogs on your website, using SEO optimization and being number 1 on the search page.  As people start to click on your ads or your blogs, you get to know who is actually looking for what you're selling!!

Now how do you track and keep record of people visiting your website?

Here is where CRM comes into play, TeleCRM uses Facebook integration and captures the details of everyone visiting your website, clicking on your ads!

It is basically for businesses which have sales, marketing teams. It's used by companies who want to increase their efficiency exponentially and also their customer's efficiency.

It’s for the sales personnel who wants to convert sales to leads,

for Marketing managers, who want to measure the marketing campaign results,

for the customer service executive who is struggling to find the customer communication history and for the CEO who wants to measure the overall performance quickly.

Yes, you've now identified your target audience, not just that, you now have a proper record of people interested/ looking for something you've got to offer. 

And now that you have people, let's give a kick start to your business!

10 must-have CRM features your business undoubtedly needs!!

1. Auto- dialer:

  • a. Your callers hate it when it comes to manually dialing hundreds of numbers everyday.
  • b. They many times end up dialing wrong numbers and are left frustrated.  
  • c. They face hell lot of difficulty while writing feedback in excel and noting down call reminders, which often go missing or are forgotten!!
    All of this consumes more than 15-20 minutes every hour of the very precious speaking time which could have been used for convincing people. 

It definitely makes them feel busy but unfortunately unproductive!!!

WHAT IFFF there was a possibility to adopt some methodology which could automatically sort your brain wrecking task???


TeleCRM’s automatic dialer will take away your manual pain of typing numbers.

You don't have to worry about remembering who to call next. 

Just dial, speak to the client, record your feedback, press the next button, and yeah it’s DONE!!!!

TeleCRM DIALER makes the dirty task a piece of cake! 

2. Call Feedback:

Bad conversations are driving your customers away faster than you think!

Imagine having a long conversation but forgetting the details in the next call.

Disaster! You made your customer feel unimportant and they considered you unreliable!

Give customers a great experience, and they’ll buy more. 

Eliminate friction while searching scrambled information while putting the client on hold. Record it all at one particular place..

TeleCRM is your tranquilizer!!

  • Impress customers by retrieving important facts & relevant recorded information at the right time.
  • Eliminate the need for customers to repeat themselves.
  • Open door to having customised conversations based on prior call feedbacks/notes.

Customers who have a positive experience feel heard, seen and appreciated.

It has a tangible impact.

In terms of ???

Your profits!

Minimise congestion and maximise your efficiency!!

3. Follow-up:

Missing follow-ups is one hell of a problem for your business right now.

What may happen when you promise to call back a client at a particular time and forget to do so??  They start to lose trust in you and your product of course, as a result your leads start to fall through the cracks!!

What if your customer is up for a purchase, however when it was time, it slipped from your mind to call him reminding the payment??

A big loss for the business..

Yes, you can no doubt call back later and ask for the same, but you wouldn’t deny that there has been some shift in your credibility!

It doesn’t end there; your callers are themselves irritated searching for and remembering whom they had to connect with, at what time, day or year and where did they jot down that information. It creates fear in them of losing on a good deal, their commission and companies profits.

Customers are flooded with choice. There are a number of products and service providers who offer the same thing as you. So how do you appreciate the prospect who has picked your business?

Using TeleCRM, make your customers feel important, win their trust, earn more revenue for the company and do away with the fear of missing out on a good deal!!

  • Schedule Automatic Follow-up Calls, so that no one in your team ever misses a follow-up call.
  • Send Customized Follow-up Messages to every prospect immediately after every call directly from the app via WhatsApp, Email, or SMS.
  • Recurring Follow-up Option- Consistently follow up leads until either the sale is closed or the lead says he is not interested anymore.

Follow-ups are not only a tool for closing a sale, but also a way to present yourself and your company.

A  good follow up call may be just the reminder a prospect needs to go ahead with a sale, showing your consideration as well as the maturity and professionalism of your business. 

4. One-click WhatsApp:

70% of the customers do not convert just after the first call. 80% of your customers require follow-up messages after their first interaction!

The world is louder and noisier than ever before, and attention is our most valuable resource.

To house into people's brains you need to be in constant touch! Leaving them on their own will again open for them hundred doors of choices!

Sending regular messages might sound easy but it fails when it comes to saving hundreds of numbers and maintaining records. 

A simple way could be:

- Simply calling a new lead.(seems uninterested but possess need)

-Clicking on whatsapp icon on the desktop

-Type personalised message/ select from already saved templates.

-Click send.

-Repeat, until you retain !!


Templates can not only help you do tasks faster, but they can also save you money by eliminating the need to buy extra software.

5. Lead capture:

Imagine the surprise your client gets when you call him the moment he visits your website/ fills that anticipated survey form! 

The wow element is unmatchable!! 

Since now,

-You won’t have to make them recall you.

-They’ll get the rare 5 star customer service experience.

-You can directly get to the point, explain what you offer and very easily close the deal.

According to —-- there are —- chances of closing a deal, when a customer himself comes for you and you catch him at the right time.

TeleCRM accumulates all your leads at one single place, eliminating :

  1. Your nervousness of missing out on even a single lead
  2. Excessive workload of consolidating leads from multiple platforms to one single.
  3. The additional cost, and ofcourse 
  4. Your team’s mental fatigue 

What are you waiting for,  use TeleCRM before your leads fleee!

 6. Download Reports: 

With TeleCRM you can Not just document or keep track of the number of calls made by each caller but also download the daily reports.

In addition to keeping track of the number of calls made you can also keep track of the time duration  which was actually spent on calls. In the report section you can even give you the total amount of sales that were closed. As a business owner, You have to monitor  the number of unique calls made during the day, week or a month. 

The download option lets you record and keep your entire data for as long as you want.

7. Call reminder:

Remember? Your 12 am birthday reminder saved your friendship!

That’s exactly how TeleCRMS’s on-time reminders save your clients association with you and your business!!

Whenever you promise a lead to call back and connect  at a particular time, all that needs to be done next Is setting and scheduling a follow up reminder for a call.

Right after it, everything falls in place!!

When it is time, TeleCRM will simply send you a notification, reminding you of the made promise!

This will eliminate any possibility of taking any follow up calls, thus saving your precious and the most potential customers.

8. Lead tracking:

TeleCRM  helps you view a summary of where your lead in the whole sales pipeline.

It helps tracking the status and development of each individual stage.

If you have a longer sales funnel, this functionality may be worth prioritising while looking for CRM software. Having a bird's-eye perspective of the entire funnel will assist in preventing prospects from stalling or falling through the cracks.

9. Sales Forecast:

Do you want to be able to forecast future quarters and even new regions using your existing data? The forecasting feature puts your data to work for you, allowing you to make objective and well-informed decisions regarding your business.

TeleCRM forecasts your future sales numbers or income based on historical and current data/trends.

10. Multi-device support:

Corporate teams today operate not just on laptop or pc, but look for more handy options, for instance a mobile phone. Mobile phones are a lifeline to the office, as a result of which, they should definitely have access to a CRM.

TeleCRM is very simple and can easily be used on your mobile phone.

To sum it all up, these are the points one should always check for installing a perfect CRM system for you business.