6 Tips for Booking a Boutique Hotel in Austin, TX for Your Next Trip

The Right Hotel Contributes to a Memorable Vacation

6 Tips for Booking a Boutique Hotel in Austin, TX for Your Next Trip

If you’re planning a trip to Austin, get ready to be welcomed to the Lone Star State with open arms and a pint of craft beer or glass of wine from one of more than 100 wineries or breweries. We hope you don’t think that’s too over-the-top, especially considering everything is bigger in Texas. That includes the array of boutique Austin hotels to choose from.

Whether you want a Texas-sized bed with a view of the resort-style pool or a marble-floored escape from the day-to-day, there’s something for you here.

But finding and booking the perfect boutique hotel can be quite a challenge, thanks to the sheer number of options. Consider these six tips to making the most of your next trip to Austin.

Tip One: Above All Else, Consider Location Before Booking

What are your plans for your trip? Will you have plenty of time to wander the city and get to know your surroundings? Or do you need to keep your travel times short so you can embrace the hottest city attractions in a weekend’s time?

The one thing that will never change about a hotel is its location - and that makes this feature your top priority when choosing a boutique hotel. Whether you want to be in the thick of all the action or in a quiet zone outside the hippest, most trendy neighborhoods, you can find a luxury hotel in Austin to suit your preferences.

Tip Two: What Amenities Do You Value Most?

The great news is that most boutique hotels boast similar amenities, like hot tubs, swim-up bars with private cabanas, top-tier room service, and a dedicated concierge. But don’t misunderstand: despite these amenities, boutique hotels don’t need to feel uppity or stiff.

In fact, a boutique hotel with a laid-back vibe can still be full of the little - and big - luxuries you’d expect from such a place. You just have to decide how you’d like those amenities served up to you when making your choice of hotel in Austin.

Tip Three: Feel Like a Local

The best luxury hotels help you feel integrated into the local scene, whether it’s through hyper-local cuisine in the on-site restaurant or city-specific decor. Bottom line: luxury hotels shouldn’t feel like you’re staying in a boring, beige box, and you don’t need to risk outdated accommodations to find a place with character.

In Austin, expect big, Texas-style, larger-than-life barbeque and tasty cocktails - without being cheesy and over-the-top country-western. 

Tip Four: Consider Nightly Rate Last

If you value characteristics like guest service, amenities, and comfort, then the nightly rate for your hotel stay should be one of your least-important considerations. As it turns out, you can put a price tag on stay quality.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a great deal on a boutique hotel. In fact, most offer special packages for romantic getaways, relaxing long weekends, or productive business travel, or provide special rates for frequent stayers or certain times of year. That means if you like both comfort and saving money, you can still enjoy a great experience at a luxury hotel.

Tip Five: Book in Advance

Unless you’re feeling spontaneous and taking an impromptu trip to Austin, your best bet for securing your favorite luxury hotel and getting the room you want is to book in advance. How far in advance? The ideal amount of time to book in advance is 15 days, according to NerdWallet. 

If your trip occurs during a holiday or simultaneous to major events in Austin, you’ll need to book as soon as possible to beat the rush of other hotel-goers seeking the same level of comfort and service.

Tip Six: Bringing Kids? Do Your Due Diligence

Do luxury hotels allow guests under age 18? Yes and no. It depends on individual hotel policies. However, most luxury hotels are investing in family-friendly features to ensure everyone can enjoy a first-class stay.

If you’re bringing your children, check that the hotel offers some kid-friendly features so even your littlest will have a memorable trip in Austin. Alternatively, if you prefer a hotel that doesn’t cater to families, review hotel policies to ensure you won’t be disappointed with your stay.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to visiting Austin, Texas, you’ll love your stay in a boutique hotel just as much as you’ll love the area attractions that provide plenty to do for people of all interests. Just be sure to book your hotel in advance, consider the location, and spend time researching your options.