Employee of the Month Criteria List

The employee of the month programs can be one of the best ways to motivate your employees to be the best at the workplace.

Employee of the Month Criteria List

The employees who are chosen as employees of the month can boost their confidence, productivity, and self-belief to become the best among the best. Moreover, through this employee of the month criteria list, you can also inspire other employees to provide their best work to claim this award.

So, in this blog post, you'll know how to choose employee of the month and make the perfect criteria list. 

The Employee of the Month Criteria List

1. To be an employee of the month, your employee must work in your company for at least two years. However, there might be times when an employee might also need to for at least five years to get nominated for this award.

2. The employee must show their best performance with authentic reports from the manager or departmental head.

3. Employees must be productive at their work at all times. Moreover, the employee must be able to deliver the tasks with quality even at critical moments.

4. The employee must also have good leadership skills to take in the pressure of the entire department at crucial times.

5. A positive attitude and optimistic mindset are a must to be elected for this award.

6. There must be a recommendation letter from the nominee’s manager or immediate supervisor with legal reports of the performance.

The Paper Work for Employee of the Month Program

The entire “Employee of the Month” procedure needs to be carried out in a professional way so there are some paper works as well that needs to be taken care of.

This is how you proceed:

1. The employees should apply for nominations as soon as the notice is out. In HR management, the personal assistant usually sends the completed form for recognition to the team leader.

2. The employees who nominated the employee for this recognition have to fill out the form and put their name on it. Afterward, the HR director calls for a committee that was recognized as the month of the month in the past.

3. Each month this committee sits together to select the employee of the month and makes a mutual decision of whether or not to choose the employee.

4. The HR department works with the CEO and the manager of the department from where the employee has been elected and then ensures the employee meets the employee of the month criteria and some write up are also carried out.

5. The final approval is in the hands of the CEO and if they think that the employee has met all the criteria, then they’ll award the employee with this recognition.

How to Carry a Successful Employee of the Month Program?

1. Consider the Goals

When you look at the goals, this entire program can help you improve sales, cut costs, and encourage healthy rivalry among employees.

However, the entire purpose of this program is to improve workplace morale, and there should also be a sense of achievement in the program.

2. Clear and Proper Guidelines

Clear and simple guidelines must be set up so that employees know what to do and how to proceed. This way, they can do their work in the right way. Moreover, this will also ensure that employees perform and follow these given rules to get nominated.

3. Choose the Right Rewards

It's time to choose your rewards: The winner of Employee of the Month should be given a great gift, like a gift card or a gift hamper. It might also be cash or even a short vacation approval. Moreover, the winner’s name must also be published in the company’s website and newsletter.

4. Ensure All the Employees Know About the Program

The program along with the rules for getting and giving awards should be acknowledged to the employees. Remember to ask for feedback, and make sure your employees know about the contest before it starts.

Bottom Line

Managers want other employees to know what kind of subordinated they want to work for their organization or company when they pick the best employee. Through these programs, other employees can learn about proper work ethics, professionalism, and commitment for the best of the company.

So, while carrying out this program ensure your employees run through the employee of the month criteria list to fall in the shortlist and be picked as the best employee.