Holidays in Cyprus Make the Perfect Family Break

Holidays in Cyprus Make the Perfect Family Break

The Mediterranean climate makes Cyprus an ideal family holiday location - not only is it among the best weather spots in the region, but there is so much to see and do that the whole family will be captivated. A relaxing holiday in Cyprus means lying in the sun and swimming lazily in the sea. Voyage Privé's deals offer you and your family a wide variety of activities such as diving and snorkeling if you prefer to have an active holiday.

As a culture vulture, there are a number of intriguing archaeological sites and historic buildings to check out as well as a number of interesting museums, one of the best examples being the Limassol Archaeological Museum as well as Kykkos Monastery, which contains some amazing artifacts.

Cyprus Offers A Range Of Hotels For All Budgets

Package holidays to Cyprus can be found in a wide range of prices. Family-friendly hotels offer a wide range of amenities to keep everyone entertained, and the rates are not prohibitive. Luxury hotels and spas are available for those who wish to opt for something a little more luxurious on their holiday.

You can enjoy Mediterranean cuisine at its best in Cyprus

Cyprus offers a variety of delicious dishes for food lovers. The delicious dining of Cyprus will please everyone in the family thanks to its Byzantine influences and the freshest fish and seafood caught daily.

Aside from traditional specialities like meze and freshly baked bread, you'll also find succulent meat and imaginative vegetable dishes in Cyprus, which can truly be an experience to remember.

Holidays in Cyprus are hard to beat with all the attractions it has to offer. You and your family are certain to fall in love with the island thanks to its stunning beaches and exceptional weather.

The Cypriot people are renowned for their hospitality, so if you choose Cyprus for your next holiday, you can be sure that you will be welcomed by the friendliest locals you could ever hope to encounter.

Cyprus Holidays: The Best Reasons to Go

Listed below are eight reasons and tips to help start your holiday planning, along with a few "lifestage" destination suggestions to think about visiting Cyprus.

Various beaches:

Whenever you are in Cyprus, you will find everything from idyllic coves to busy resorts. In the east, Ayia Napa is known for its white sand beaches, while Protaras and the west offer fun bays with water-skiing and kite-surfing.


Take a stroll along Paphos' Bar Street or dance the night away at a trendy club in Ayia Napa. In Larnaca, you can dance the night away at a taverna or sit in a café along the mile-long promenade dotted with fashionable boutiques.

Consumption of food:

A meal with the Cypriots is the best way to experience their cheerful nature, so try a meze, a slow feast featuring Cypriot specialties like grilled halloumi cheese, dolmades (stuffed vine leaves) and kleftiko, lamb that is slowly baked till it falls apart. As well as fresh fish, fresh seafood is delectable.


You can find beautiful ceramics, tiles, and jewellery created by local artisans in Larnaca's workshops. Shop at Lefkara, where handmade lace is plied outside shops by black-clad ladies.

Listed by city:

Shopping and museums can be found in Europe's last divided capital, Lefkosia (Nicosia). Take a stroll through the narrow streets of Laiki Geitonia, sweat it out in a restored Ottoman hamam, and see the Venetian city walls. The old town of Limassol houses Richard the Lionheart's Crusader castle.

A natural phenomenon:

With its charming hilltop villages, vine-encrusted slopes and hiking trails, the Troodos Mountains, home to Mount Olympus, offer a cool retreat in summer. Akamas national park is a stunning place to see unspoiled nature.

The shopping experience:

The island is home to a variety of shops selling souvenirs to take home, from big city stores in Nicosia to designer boutiques and jewellers in Limassol. Limassol and Paphos have also got some interesting markets worth visiting.


There are fast and well-signposted roads in Cyprus, and Cypriots drive on the left. You can experience diving in Cyprus with remote Akamas or rocky Troodos on a jeep safari. Rental cars are readily available in Cyprus at a reasonable price. Cyrus offers a great climate, friendly people, history, adventure and an excellent standard of living that rivals the best of travel destinations.