The Toughest Games of 2021

The Toughest Games of 2021
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Games are designed to entertain. They immerse users in interesting colorful worlds in which gamers can meet unusual characters and participate in significant universe events. To feel the gameplay better, you need a best gaming pc under $500 to play. 

But there are also other projects, that have the main aim to make gamers suffer. They mercilessly abuse the players, throwing them complex tasks and destroying their nervous system. About these games we decided to remind in the new selection.

Dark Souls

We start our selection with the game that became the synonym of the word "complexity". Dark Souls from From Software does not forgive the mistakes and makes the users to pass the same stages again and again, until they succeed.

At the same time, the authors have come up with an amazing world that is full of different monsters, incredible items and characters. However, it is not served directly, as in most games, but through description. As a result, the complex game throws gamers additional problems with understanding the story.

However, if the users manage to reach the end, they will be rewarded with the fact that they will develop their skills and other projects will become too easy for them.


Another difficult project is the successor of the Dark Souls ideas - Bloodborne. In this game the creators of hardcore action went a little bit further and made some corrections in the game mechanics.

So, now the protagonist after the hit can restore the lost health, if he is able to hold a successful attack quickly. In addition, users got a chance to conduct a powerful strike and can parry enemy attacks with firearms.

Such innovations made the familiar Dark Souls mechanic faster and more challenging. Users had to regroup in order not to die in the harsh world of Yarnham. 

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

If you think that the developers from From Software stopped at Dark Souls and Bloodborne, then you are wrong. The developers decided to continue the development of their game's mechanics and revealed Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, that many fans of the genre consider the most difficult game of the studio.

In their project the authors decided to make the combat system even more complicated. To do this they added a stamina bar, which the player needs to knock down to conduct a lethal attack. This can be done either with a hail of blows or by parrying enemy lunges. The window for this is small, so users had to learn attack patterns to take down enemies. 

But it only seems difficult. After passing the first boss, players roughly understand how the mechanics work, and further passage does not take much time.

Hotline: Miami

From Software developers are not the only ones who know how to make complex games. In 2012 Devolver Digital surprised a lot of gamers with their hardcore action game Hotline: Miami.

The enemies in this game are really serious, and one bullet can kill your hero. There are no health bars and medkits, but only endless shooting and death, that are waiting for you everywhere.

However, it is impossible to build an interesting game with only one difficulty. That's why the developers added a fascinating story that is interesting to follow during the gaming process. Moreover the developers even prepared a secret ending, so the game will obviously draw the hardcore gamers for a long time.

Darkest Dungeon

Roguelike RPG genre is one of the most difficult in itself. In such games, there is procedural generation of levels, so each run is unique. In addition, the enemies that you meet on the way are dangerous and can put an end to the process. Among the representatives of the genre Darkest Dungeon is the most interesting.

In this game, users have to lead a group of mercenaries, who go to the darkest dungeon. Each of them has its own special equipment, as well as the characteristics. During their adventures, they meet dangerous monsters and have to use their strengths and weaknesses wisely in order to win.

However, monsters are not the most dangerous thing in the game. In the course of the passage, the heroes can simply go crazy from the experience and then have to start the journey all over again.